Tuesday, January 1, 2019

So long 2018!

This was a short, fast, odd kind of year for us!  One, along with many, it seems,  that we are glad to be done with!  So much seemed to happen, and not happen for us...

The happen...was we changed our status!  From the beginning we have been "full timers" - on the road constantly, moving from one campground to another, without really having any home base except a long stop-over in Washington to renew our licenses and see family and doctors.  This year, however, we decided that after 6 years it was time to slow down a bit and get a "home base".  We are not ready to quit...just ready to stay put for a few months now instead of traveling all 12 months.  For us, that's a big change...and a fun one.  Another adventure, if you will.  That change took months to do, to buy, to move in, etc. and in truth, it's still taking us time to unpack!

Another thing that happened was that one of my sweet sisters passed away while we were in Texas.  It wasn't totally unexpected, just earlier than expected, and never news one wants to get, no matter when or where you are.  That news changed our direction and our summer.  The one thing that being RV'ers are good at.

We were also able to take our "vacation" this year.  Something we like to do, but can't always do.  This year we were able to take some friends with us, and show them "our favorite island", Maui!  They had never been, and it was such a joy to show them Hawaii and to celebrate Jack's 75th birthday in style.  After such a hectic time, this was a nice relief.  Especially knowing that we were coming back to a house full of boxes to unpack!

What didn't happen...was a lot less camping.  We only camped from June to October, which is a really short time for us.  We left late due to first the house buying, then because I broke a molar and had to have it fixed before hitting the road.  Then, we had to be back by October because of our reservations for Hawaii.  Oh well, like I said, a strange year...

Here are our stats...

We stayed in 22 campgrounds for a total of 70 nights  (we stayed with family all the other nights)

Total campground fees $2,030.67  (that averages about $29. a night, which is a little less than last year's)

Mileage for the RV:  6,254
Mileage for the Toad: 9,005

Gas for the RV:  $2,865
Gas for the Toad: $1,143

Propane: $82

Maintenance for the RV:  $7,958
Maintenance for the Toad: $1,161

Both vehicles reached their "over 100,000 mile" mark and needed the full work up, so got it from front to back...ouch!

Next year's plan?  ...to be on the road more than this year, that's for sure!  ;-)  But as to "where"?  That's a good question..one we keep asking ourselves...with what all the bad storms and fires did to this country, we just may head to Canada!  We shall just see...

...sitting back in Arizona,  Marie