Monday, January 9, 2023

Did 2022 even happen? ...and now it's 2023!

 Transitioning from "Full-Time" (12 months traveling on the road) to "Part-Time" (6 months on the road) was one thing...and that took an adjustment, but this last year was what?  "Part-Part-Time" (once in awhile on the road)?  We put more miles in the air than we did in the RV!  I'm not complaining, it's just hard to write a "year-end blog" about a year that hardly happened!  I kept putting it off because I didn't really know what to say, even though I wanted to say something

Do I like it?  I don't know, I'm still adjusting to my age.  Inside I feel like I can and want to do so much more...but when I go to do it, funny how my body doesn't seem to cooperate like it used to!  I'm also finding myself being pulled in a lot of different directions now that we are here in the Resort more.  I'm on the Board of Directors now, liaison to a couple of committees and in several clubs - all of which take time and commitment...and makes it harder to get away for any length of time.  

Belonging to the RV Club has been a wonderful blessing because they really help get us out and about without us having to do much of the pre-planning and work.  They've also introduced us to places that we hadn't heard of before and might not have ever explored.  We hope to do even more with them in 2023.  

Even with barely traveling in the RV this year, we still managed to put over 1000 miles on it with another 6100 miles on our Toyota.  Enough to keep the engine running and serviced and the tags kept up to date anyway!  ;-)  

We have reservations for March on the books (to go to Tucson for the Escapee's 64th Escapades) for a rally and then I will be looking into little jaunts for us here and there to keep us more active this stay tuned!  

Until then we will just be...kicking back in Arizona,  Marie