Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back on the road again!

I love our travel days.  The excitement starts from the first moment I get up.  Jack and I have an unspoken "travel day routine".  As we go through our morning rituals of dressing, bed making, teeth brushing, breakfast, etc. we follow each thing with putting things away in their travel spots (vs camp spots).

As Jack moves outside to unhook us I continue through the rig clearing things away and preparing for travel.  Once we are unhooked I pull the sides in and bring up the stabilizers, with that my excitement really begins to rise because I know that the time is really close to 'take off'!

All that's left is to position the tow vehicle to hook-up and do our double-check and we are ready to go!

That's the moment I've been anticipating.  The moment I get to hop into the passenger seat and enjoy the view!  I love this part.  Every moment in this seat is an adventure.  No matter if we've traveled this road before, there's always something new to see.  I love sitting way up here with this big window all around, showing me the beauty surrounding us.

I never tire of it.  Each mile is different from the last.  Every trip an adventure.  Each with the anticipation of "what are we going to see today?"

 We are currently heading to Texas to visit one of my sons who moved there while we were "on the road" last year.  He lives outside of the Dallas area, a part of Texas that neither Jack or I have ever been to.  This makes it an extra special trip, showing us new areas of the state, and reuniting us with our sweet son and his fiance'!  True to our previous experience of Texas, so far, it's pretty much what we've seen before - miles of sagebrush, a few hills here and there, a few small towns to go through and this time some agriculture to watch.  No matter, it's all fun for me!

The excitement doesn't end at the end of the day.  Arriving at a new campground is fun too.  Once we are parked and set up, I can hardly wait to go and take a walk around and see the place.  Perhaps to meet someone along the way and chat.  Maybe even learn something new about the area!  Always a new sunset to watch for.  A new opportunity to take a photo.  A time for Jack and I to laugh and share what we saw and enjoyed about our journey today, another adventure enjoyed together, another one to look forward to tomorrow.  Some more than others, some just "one night stands" as I've shared before, but some turn out to be real treasures, that we almost don't want to leave.  Some have brought us new friends that we've kept in touch with, some we want to go back to again.

This year started out quite a bit different than the last...but that's okay.  Each year is a new journey, and new lesson to learn, a new adventure to experience...but I have to say, it sure does feel good to be back on the road again!
...on the road in Texas,   Marie

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