Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some call it "Art"...I call it "Roadside Entertainment"!

One of my favorite things to do, and take pictures of, is "public art".  To me, anything someone has created, painted, or set out for people to see, is public art.  I love the creativity, the imagination and most of the time, the humor of it!  Most of the time we stumble upon it, either driving by or as we are walking around a new town.  I did find an app that tells you about some of the fun/funny things to see in or near a town.  We've used this a few times and haven't been disappointed.

I haven't shared much with you yet this year, so thought I would pull some out and give you a smile for the day!

These are the "biggest" or "bigger than life" examples:

Mr Chimney R Masoney "Milk Bottle" Building, Spokane WA
"Big Red Wagon" slide,  Riverfront Park, Spokane WA
En route from CA to NV
Alberta Welcome Center, Dinosaur Theme, Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Rope'n Cowboy", Roadside Montana
"Steamer Miner" statue, Rapid City SD
"Johnny One Feather" statue, Rapid City SD
"Tire Man" at Tires, Tires, Tires in Rapid City SD
"Jackalope" in Dubois WY
Then you have "advertisements" that like to really get your attention...
Lays chips ad, Calgary Canada
Statue of Liberty Music, Colorado
 Native artwork along Main St, Trinidad CO
 My RV Oasis.Com
Lincoln Statue, Presidents Park for sale, Spearfish SD
 "Laundrette" in Dubois WY
"Reds Apples", Cashmere WA
Here are some unique "welcome" art...
Amarillo KOA Entrance
Blackfeet Nation Welcome statues at the Carway/Piegan Canadian/American Border
And my favorites...the ones that you really stop and go "oh my gosh, look at that", that just seem to be there for our enjoyment...
Melody Muffler Art - "Family" Walla Walla WA
Indian Face (her eyes moved back & forth), Eastern WA
Gehrke's Windmill Garden, Grand Coulee WA
License plate wall, Colorado
"Baseball Hat" Fence, Roadside Montana
"Cactus" Mail Box, Desert Hot Springs CA
A very patriotic house!  Rapid City SD

And I thank them one and all for making my/our day a wee bit more enjoyable!

...on the road in Idaho,  Marie

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