Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It takes all kinds...

Every January we return to San Diego CA for a few weeks to visit friends and family.  We lived in the area for many years, and after we retired, almost five years ago now, we sold "everything" and bought our sweet home on wheels, and hit the road!  Without a 'sticks and bricks' abode, we camp in Mission Bay when we return. 

San Diego proper has three campgrounds to choose from, kind of like a Goldilocks situation:  #1 Campland on the Bay - the most expensive; has all the bells & whistles with a restaurant, pool, clubhouse, store, planned actives, etc.  #2 Mission Bay RV Resort - next price down; still on the bay, but no bells & whistles, just a snack bar, and without all those "b & w", quieter.  #3 is Santa Fe Park RV Resort - the least expensive of the three and across the way, tucked into the hills, no bay view/traffic view instead (they do have a pool tho).  Probably less kids due to no bay (I'm guessing).  Like Goldilocks, it's whatever meets your needs (and pocketbook). 

We don't have any kids (or grand kids with us) and in January, no need for a pool, etc. so  no need for all the bells & whistles, so Mission Bay RV Resort meets our needs just fine.  We like the view of the bay and seeing the sunset (when it graces us with one!) and the quietness of the park...usually. 

Now, in these four plus years of constant travel (we don't season stay, we are 'on the move' all year long) we have camped at all kinds of parks and seen all kinds of people and all kinds of rigs.  People watching is part of the fun!  Getting to meet people, learning new things and ways to do things is part of the adventure.  But every now and then, you see someone or something that just makes you go hm mm...

On a walk around the campground one afternoon we came across what we considered a very ingenuous setup!  Someone had created a wonderful play area for their cats (or small dog) leading in & out of their rig through a small window through a series of screened tunnels into both shaded and sun areas.  Very nice and kind for the animals, and it looked fun too! 

On the other hand, we experienced our first "clean-freak" (I'm not sure what else to call him).  You see, he evidently didn't like dirt, dust or leaves to settle around his rig, as twice a day he would get out his large leaf blower and blow off every little thing all around his rig, his car and his neighbor's area!  Ah, the wonderful sound of a leaf blower while you are enjoying camping...nothing quite like it!  ;-)  Now I understand that Mission Bay RV Resort with it's tarmac sites, and bay views might attract the non-camping-type camper, but that does seem a bit excessive...

Oh well, it takes all kinds...  We were graced with a beautiful sunset before we left!  Thanks Mission Bay, we will be back again!

...on the road, Marie

If you wish to view the rest of the photos from this trip, you can at my Flickr account at:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/74905158@N04/

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