Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Relaxing by the River

We've been spending the last week just being lazy!  Sitting back, enjoying the sun, the cool breezes off the Colorado River, watching the boaters zoom by while we camped right on the river's edge...nice.

We've belonged to the Colorado River Adventures club for five years and haven't hardly used it, so while we were in Arizona, and not in to much of a hurry to get to Texas (trying to avoid tornadoes), we decided that it was "high time" we took advantage of our membership!  We'd stayed in Lake Havasu a number of times, but never out at their campground in Earp down by Parker Dam, so decided that we would this time, for a week.  We lucked out and got a site right along the river, and with 85-90+ degree weather, I was glad we did!  The cool river breezes really helped make the days enjoyable.

I ventured into the river as far as my feet, but decided it was way to cold for this "California girl", so no swimming for me!  Others enjoyed it, but they must be hardier souls than I!  ;-)  We went over to the pool area a few times, but being spring break time, it was busy with very active children having lots and lots of noisy fun.  Not my style either...

So, with good books in hand, both of us just sat back in our comfy chairs and read to our heart's delight!  Our week had a nice break with our friends John & Doloris driving in from Surprise to spend the day with us and go out to lunch together one last time before we head out for Texas.

We met nice neighbors and enjoyed chatting and sharing our adventures over ice cream, but otherwise, it was a pretty quiet week for us before the trek to Texas.  Sometimes it's just nice to do that!

...on the road in Arizona,  Marie

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