Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Seasonal fun in Sedona...

We may not have been "traveling" much, but that doesn't mean life hasn't been full!  Being on the HOA Board at our "home-base" Resort keeps me hopping, especially as the snow birds start returning!  Between that, and the start of the new production of Happy Trails Theater Variety Show for 2024, and then being asked to plan the annual Theater Christmas Party...I was stretched to the max.  Solution?  Take a break!!

So, we did, off to Sedona for a week to relax and "do nothing"!  Sedona is less than two hours from our place, so it's an easy and pretty drive for us.  We have a timeshare there and have gone a number of times, so don't feel the need to do any of the tourist things, yet know the restaurants we like and the places we like to take walks to.  We stay a Los Abrigados Resort which is right in the heart of town so it's easy to walk around or a short drive to places we like. 

Being Thanksgiving week, fall was in full form.  All the oak trees were showing off their colors and dropping their leaves everywhere making wonderful piles to play with and kick as you walked through them!  So fun.  It was such a lovely week, the sun shone each day through clear, crisp air.  Enough to wear sweat shirts or sweaters, but not so cold that you could see your breath.  Some brave soles even went swimming! (not me!!)

Shopping at Tlaquepaque is always a favorite with us, and this time was no exception.  It's such a beautiful place to walk around as well as a great place to eat and find special treasures...of which (of course) we did.  

Thanksgiving dinner at The Hudson was a wonderful treat.  We love that restaurant anyway, but being able to have reservations for that evening was extra special - and they sure made it that way too.  I have been used to very large family gatherings most of my life, so now with just the two of us, it's a difficult adjustment.  Having a place treat us special, preparing a meal wonderfully, serving us like friends, helps.  We left there with full tummies and big smiles...and yummy leftovers! 

That week of no meetings, no calls, or "important e mails" was just what I needed.  I read a good book, watched a couple of Hallmark movies, slept in, took long walks, soaked in a hot tub and...relaxed. 

Then...back to the real world (but ready for it!)... Arizona,  Marie

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