Sunday, June 25, 2023

Life happens...and then you make U Turns!

 It's a good thing I write everything in pencil!  Life is full of surprises, and you just never know when the next one is going to happen, do you?  We were all set to go to the Escapee's Rally in Tucson, packed, paid for, etc. when Jack came down with COVID - big time.  Instead of of fun time camping, he spent a not so fun time in the hospital!  (Much to our surprise, they gave us a full refund they will have my loyalty forever!)  It has taken him quite awhile to bounce back to his "normal" lively self, so no "trips" for him. 

Me, on the other hand, besides my usual "duties" on the Board here, and the fun stuff of line dancing, swimming at the pool, ladies coffee days, bingo, etc. decided it was a good time to fly off to visit family in Washington!  Didn't want to leave the dear one for to long, so only went for a week...but the family managed to pack a whole lot in during that time!

I no sooner arrived and my sister, niece and her friend whisked me away for a two day visit to Westport Beach - a place I had never been before!  I was "forewarned" that this area only gets "sunshine and nice weather 12 days a don't expect much".  I tallied back that I bring it with me!  ...and I did!  It was cool, mostly by the breeze, but the sun shone both days, and it was lovely!  The tide was way, way out, and we even drove onto the beach.  Sand dollars and jellyfish were scattered all across the sand along with a few shells and driftwood. The clouds left beautiful reflections on the waters edge.

Afterward, we went into the small town and walked along the harbor and watched an oyster boat unload his catch of oysters into a truck.  Westport is known for their oysters and crab (of which we saw lots of crab traps stacked up for later use).  We took advantage of their wonderful fresh seafood at every meal!

That night we were able to find a place that had three rooms, each with it's own bathroom along with a small living room and kitchen.  All for a very reasonable price.  The next day, after having a wonderful breakfast, we continued to drive along the coast and spotted Gray's Harbor Lighthouse.  It was closed, but that didn't stop me from walking around and getting a picture! Pretty thing, with a green top.  Never saw one with a green top like that before.  ;-)

The following day my sister and I were meeting up with one of her friends for dinner, so we had the morning to ourselves, which means, we played cards!  She (and I) love to do that, and every time I come to visit, that's what we do every spare minute.  ;-)   I get up earlier than she does tho, and so does my nephew (whom she lives with) and we talk, and when the weather is nice, which it was this trip, and walk his garden.  He's really proud of the work he does in his garden.  Each year it's fun to see what he's added.  I must admit I miss having one like I used to, one with all the roses and flowers and multiple vegetable bins, but I know in my heart that I'm in a different place now and it's "OK".  

That night we ended up going to dinner at Da TiKi Hut for dinner.  At first our friend wasn't very thrilled with it, as the menu was a little confusing.  But once we all understood it, and even got a sample, we enjoyed it.  It was all decorated in Hawaiian and the food and drinks were Hawaiian (on one side of the menu while the other side were burgers).  It was fun and delicious!

Saturday was one of my niece's youngest daughter's graduation from Nursing School celebration party.  She went all out with fun food and cute drinks and decor!  We drank from "specimen cups" and had drink choices of "Blood Draw", Urine Analysis" or "Code Blue" along with "Rescue Meds" in syringes.  What a hoot!  We are all so proud of her as she starts her new career at Kaiser.

Sunday was Father's Day and my nephew did a wonderful job at the BBQ!  It was chilly, but sunny and we enjoyed the day on his lovely patio playing cards, eating and enjoying each other. 

Monday, my last day (where did the week go?) my other sister's three girls took my sister and I out to lunch out along the dock.  The day was beautiful, the sun was shining, the food was fantastic, the company was wonderful.  We sat there and talked and laughed for hours and hours, then we moved to one of their home's and continued for more hours!  The best way to end my week...

The day I left, it started to rain...

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