Sunday, June 24, 2012

A day with a President...

There are a few Presidents that stand out for many, Lincoln, Roosevelt, JFK, all stand apart from the rest, but one more can now be added to my "little group" that I admire, and that's Thomas Jefferson.

I will admit that I hadn't given him much thought in the past. I knew he was the writer of the Declaration of Independence and that he set Louis & Clark off to discover the "new world", but other than that (those alone should have been enough!) I really hadn't paid much attention to him. Not true any longer...

While we were in Virginia, we had the opportunity to visit his home, Monticello. We had an excellent tour guide that quickly showed me what an outstanding man and President he truly was! The man hardly slept! Definitely a "type A" personality; constantly reading, writing, meeting, designing, organizing, working and somehow was able to be a husband and father on the side!

His home most definitely reflected his interests, from clocks and books in every room, to trees, vegetables and nature on the outside. When it was done, he just would change it and continue building! Like so many in that time period, it was sad that his wife didn't live long enough to see it completed and enjoy the efforts.

One thing I am learning on this how much I have yet to learn! I'm so glad we took the time to delve into the history of this great man...

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...on the road in Virginia, Marie

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