Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A new look at an old favorite...

I'm  way behind in getting these out, so please forgive me...

In our quest to quickly get out of the storm's way, we headed across into Colorado.  Both of us have already been through various areas of Colorado over the years.  Some I've been without Jack because my son Nathan used to live outside of Denver and I would not only travel to see him, but he would also take me out and about.  Jack and I have traveled through together on various car trips - but - we had never been through the south-east corner of the state before.

Colorado is a favorite of ours, it's a beautiful state with so much to see and do.  It shows itself off with almost every color in a crayon box.  Every kind of terrain, from flat to hilly to jutting rocks and mountains sprinkled with snow.  Lakes and streams and creeks begging to be swam or fished in.

On a stop over, we stayed a couple of extra days to rest from long driving times and decided to go check out a "local attraction", the Colorado National Monument.  As with times past, we weren't disappointed. 

The Monument embraces 32 miles of rugged, up-and-down terrain.  Glorious views that stretch to distant horizons.  There were about 19 areas to stop and get out, take a deep breath and try and take it all in.  Of course I snaped many, many pictures - but they don't do it justice.  It took little encouragement from the trails and stairs to get me to climb, hike and perch myself on one of it's gigantic boulders to just stare out at it's magnificent views.  We've seen Bryce and the Grand Canyon, but this place, although part of the same system that created them, is different still. 

Geological wonders like these captivate me.  There is something about their majesty that speaks to my soul.  I want to slow down, gaze out, and breathe it all in.  The sounds of the wind through the canyons and around the sculpted rock along with the birds overhead singing out, create it's own kind of music.  Looking around and seeing all the various colors of greens, reds, oranges, purples, the blue of the sky, shadow and's like an artist has busy painting it all.

We've never actually been through Colorado in the spring, it always seems to be the fall that leads us there, so we've never seen the flowers in bloom, but can only imagine how that must add to it all.

We traveled much to quickly through these last few states (Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Montana) and need to see more of the gifts that they have to offer, so we will return...maybe in the spring.

...on the road,  Marie

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