Friday, February 1, 2013


Those that have known me for a long time, have heard me share that "when I don't listen to the Universe (spirit, God) whispers in my ear, the message gets louder and louder until it shakes the tree (I'm lounging in) and I fall from the branches".  I fell from the branches this week.  Hard.

For a whole year, Jack and I have been super healthy, not a cold or even a sniffle to drag us down.  We get to San Diego to visit and get appointments handled, all ok.  We move north to Escondido to "get all our visits in" and wham!  Colds.  We were going morning, noon and night visiting one set of friends then another, making sure we had time with everyone we could.  It seemed that our list was a mile long, but I was determined to fit everyone in, no matter what!  The whisper came "your trying to do to much in to little time Marie".  I ignored it.  I was able to cram in a hair appointment with my favorite gal, and locked my keys in the truck, second message to slow down, ignored.  As we continued to drive from one visit to another, one meal to another we would joke that we would have to go on a strict diet afterward and if I saw one more glass of wine for a month, that would be to soon...then, wham, the Universe said "guess your not going to listen, I'll have to just shake your tree Marie".  And it did.

I haven't been this sick in years.  So sick that all I wanted to do was sleep, so sleep is what I did, all day, every day, for days.  No visiting, no calls, no talking, no writing...nothing.  Rest, just rest.  That was it.  We had been blessed with the generosity of dear friends of the use of their guest house, so we rested in luxury.  A few days later we found out that our hostess had also come down with the same nasty bug, and she too was resting.  Luckily we had enough provisions in the rv to last for a few days (especially when all one wants is chicken soup).  Jack fared a little better than I, so he got the job of the grocery run when it was finally needed.  We survived.

But this wasn't about survival.  It wasn't really about "getting sick" either.  Not for me, anyway.  It was about slowing down (again) and enjoying this life we've chosen.  It didn't take but a few minutes of being back here to get caught right back into the fever of the hustle & bustle of the work-a-day world this was for me.  This was a reminder to myself that this is why I left this world - and traded it in for one that is slow, taking the time to really see my surroundings and enjoy them, not rush through them. 

As I sit here, feeling much better, I have a beautiful view of grounds that this guest house sits on.  The rain came last night and has left droplets on everything, making all the edges sparkle.  There is such a peaceful calmness out here; you can't see any other houses or roads, only the occasional jack rabbit or bird, yet we are only yards away from the main road.  Beauty is everywhere, when you take the time to notice it.

Being a guest here, has brought us a closeness to our friends that we will always cherish.  We haven't been able to visit with them like we would like to, with all of us being sick - but the visit isn't over yet, so we still have opportunity.  We've been blessed with such wonderful friends; and how great the Universe set it up to have me land here when It shook me from my tree!

...slowing down and relaxing in Escondido California, Marie

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