Friday, August 16, 2013


One thing you learn when you are an "RV Full-timer" without a home base, is that there are times when you really miss the intimate relationships you have with close friends, past co-workers and family.  We've all learned about how many hugs and human touch we are  supposed to receive each day, so it should come to no surprise that after awhile, your spouse just can't supply all that you need!

When you are on the road all the time, you do get to meet wonderful people with interesting stories and experience fun adventures.  However, very rare do these people "meetings" become close enough to hug.  They usually supply you with the needed laughter and conversation addition to your day, but frequently no more than that.

I believe that is one of the biggest reasons many full-timers create a home-base (or more) for themselves.  It's for that on-going camaraderie of seeing the same people day after day, creating a relationship that is deep enough to supply one with the needed hugs and human touching that is necessary for a happier life.

Luckily, for us, we have a number of friends spread out, ones we've been fortunate enough to make in our travels, and many that we made "back home" that moved to various parts of the country, along with family that is fairly spread out.  We purposefully create our route to include these people.  It wasn't until recently tho, that I figured out that I needed to plan and make sure that, I visit the people that revitalize me.  

My sisters are special people in my life.  I am very fortunate in that I have (had) wonderful siblings to grow up with.  They are quite a bit older than I, and so when we were young I was treated kindly as the "baby" in the family.  Now that we are all "seniors", and with the loss of my brother, I am even more aware that our time together is precious.

We decided that Montana wasn't really that far from Washington, so decided to take a detour and cut across a bit of Idaho and leave the rig at a campground there, and use the truck to make a quick trip to Tacoma for a few day's visit! 

It was "just what the doctor ordered"!  Afternoons filled with laughter as we shared memories and funny stories, playing cards, making meals together, talking about our children and grandchildren and catching up on all the family members.  It seems like no matter how many phone calls you have, there is still so much more that is shared when you are face to face.

Of course the time went by way to fast, as it always seems to, but we will be back again this fall.  In the mean time, there are more places to see, and people to meet and friends to stop and visit with...and get hugs, lots and lots of hugs!

...kicking back in Washington,  Marie

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