Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Few Days in Flagstaff...

Flagstaff Arizona is one of those picturesque mountain towns that I've always wanted to visit, but never got the chance to because of the timing.  It's just high enough at over 7,000 feet that the weather has kept us out of there whenever we've been near it...tempting us, but to cold and the possibility of snow to high for us to linger.  Not this time!

So, we grabbed the opportunity to stay a few days to enjoy it's fresh mountain air, especially after many, many days of 90++ degrees of heat "down below"!  It didn't disappoint.

We camped in among pine cones and fresh breezes.  It was quiet and lovely.  We soon found out that Flagstaff has 100 trains each day that run through it, and we were so lucky that the campground we chose was well off the beaten path that we didn't hear one of them!  Not true with many of the others!  Phew, that could have been many a sleepless night!

We really didn't have an agenda, so just used our time strolling through the town, taking in the scenery and relaxing.  The weather was on-again-off-again rain and thunder showers, but if you timed it right, you could have hours of sun!

Our first stop was at the old train depot built in 1926 that half still operates as the Santa Fe Depot and the other half is now the Visitor's Center.  They have a model train running along the top of the wall that's pretty cute.  A big train came in while we were there that was pretty cool also.

The old historic part of town was delightful.  Lots and lots of murals everywhere, down alleyways, along side streets, adjacent to route 66 which runs through the town, etc.  Unlike most places, they didn't seem to have any postings as to "why, by whom" or the history on them, just painted here and there, and really quite beautiful!  I tried googling them and found some information and even some script that people noted that said even they didn't know when and by whom many were painted!  They even showed more that I hadn't uncovered.  Must be quite a few "hidden artists" in Flagstaff!

They have a lot of wonderful old buildings there as well, and even give walking tours of them.  Most of course have been converted into shops and businesses now, but it's nice to see that they have been saved.  It was also fun to see some old motels and neon signs from the 1950's & 60's - the hay days of route 66, I'm sure.

We were there over the weekend, and they had a small craft fair going on as well.  Not very big, but very nice things.  I even bought a couple of things for Christmas gifts.  It's always fun to see people's talent in various states along our travels.  I'm always tucking some of their ideas in the back of my mind in hopes that someday when we settle down I might do some of them myself!  Who knows??  ;-)

It was a wonderful little stop, but we are off to our next adventure!  One to "check off our bucket list" that I've waited many years to do!

...on the road in Arizona,  Marie

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