Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Parties, parties, parties...

Our winter stay here at Happy Trails is slowly coming to an end.  Looking back over the last three months, it seems like it’s been “one party after another”!  Here I thought I would have an opportunity to loose a couple of pounds…ha!  With all the potlucks, I’m lucky to still fit in my cloths! 

The friendliness of everyone here is one of the reasons I like this place so much.  It only takes an evening’s chatting with someone to get to know them well enough to get an invite to the next party!  Next thing you know, your headed down the street to another happy hour, or game night and meeting even more people! 

We’ve had Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Fish Fries, Mardi Gras, Happy Hours, Game Nights, Jazz Bash Block Parties, Rib Fest and Ice Cream Socials.  All this on top of what the Happy Trails Social Clubs offer…Bingo Nights and the best yet, the Theater Group’s Musical Show!
Throughout all that, I did manage to get a couple of crafts done, phew!  I joined the Stained Glass Class and made my son a kaleidoscope.  It turned out pretty good, and a whole lot of fun too.  I’ll do another one next year for one of my grandsons.  Jack and I did a dual project of making hand mirrors for all of my granddaughters.  He cut the wood out for me, and I painted them and lacquered them.  My painting wasn’t perfect, but all in all, I’m happy with them.  They will make nice Christmas presents I think.  That was a fun project too, for both of us.  We also managed to read a ton of books…our favorite thing!  ;-)

One of the big things I did this year…was to commit to the Theater Group for next year!  Yep, I’m going to “go on stage”!  After seeing how much fun they were having, and “lip-singing” all my favorite songs, the ones I sing to all the time anyway, I thought I just had to join them!  So, I did!  What a great group!  When my daughter was growing up, she went to the school of performing arts and we always had a house full of kids singing and dancing.  I loved it and miss that wonderful energy.  “These are my kind of people!”  I’m really looking forward to spending time with them, getting to know them, rehearsing together, and partying together!  They keep reminding me it’s also “hard work”, but, it’s also my kind of work, so, I’m looking forward to it…

I’ve also been looking at a few churches.  I’ve been in Science of Mind for many years, so that’s where I started.  There is one about 40 minutes from here.  We also went to a Unity of Surprise that is only about 15 minutes from here that I really liked.  The minister looked (and her name sounded) very familiar.  She said the same thing to me when we met…but neither of us could place each other…odd, huh?  Anyway, it was nice to “be back in church”, it’s been a long time.  Being on the road full time hasn’t lent itself to making it easy for that.  Nice people, nice place.  They had a wonderful Easter Service that included a 15 piece jazz orchestra that really added to the service too!  That, and a full pot luck buffet afterward, what more can a person want?  ;-) 

The temperatures are still hovering around the mid 80's for the most part, so it's still lovely here, while many states are still suffering cold, rain and snow, so the folks are slow to exit this year.  Many that normally leave by the first of April and now pushing it back to almost May...so, a "few more parties yet"?  We shall see...

...kicking back in Arizona,  Marie

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  1. I just loved knowing about these parties. I enjoyed this post a lot! Gratitude for these details. We also attended a chic pre Christmas community event at one of the local New York venues. I must say that event had also turned out to be super amazing. We played some fun games too in that bash.