Tuesday, May 8, 2018


After over six years of being on the road full time, and fending off the constant question of "have you found a place to call home yet?"  We can now answer with a resounding "yes, we have!"

We have camped in all the lower 48 states and visited in the other 2, so we have more that accomplished what we set out to do.  Are we done traveling?  No!  It's just time for a change...time to slow it down a bit.  Driving and moving from campground to campground every week or two, for a whole year has gotten a little less appealing.  I found that I was beginning to miss doing other things. 

Three years ago we started visiting our friends living in Happy Trails RV Resort in Surprise Arizona.  The first year we stayed the month of January.  It seemed nice and we met some of their friends.  The next year we decided to come back and stay 3 months.  During that time we got to know the place and the people.  Involved ourselves with the activities, Jack with the wood shop and I was going to do some sewing, until I broke my wrist while bicycling.  We met a lot of people and enjoyed all the neighborhood parties. 

When we came back this year, again for 3 months, we decided that after seeing the country and checking out so many other places, this place was really the best one for us to have as a "home base".  It really has all that one could ask for as far as activities, location and style of homes.  I wanted a "real home" to put our stuff into (out of storage) along with an RV pad and some sort of a yard, and this has it.  The HOA is very reasonable and with a gated security we feel safe leaving here for 5-6 months at a time.  Additionally, our friends live here full-time and would keep an eye on the place (and on us when we are here too!). 

People are another factor...you couldn't ask for a nicer,  friendlier group of folks than the ones who live here.  At each location that we've stayed here, the neighbors have always welcomed us and chatted.  When I fell and broke my wrist one came running to my rescue and has since stayed our friend.  Several brought food over while I was recovering, always checking on us.  The other day, my friends gave me a surprise birthday party and so many came (all that hadn't left for the summer!).  Since we moved into our new home, tons of people have stopped by and welcomed us to the neighborhood.  Many still come by and stop and chat with us while we are outside working on the boxes. 

Having our things finally out of storage is a blessing and a curse.  It's nice not having to worry about them or to pay the storage fee any longer.  When we put our things into storage we thought we would only be on the road about a year or so, then possibly move into a small (2 bedroom/2 bath?) home with a small yard...maybe in Oregon?  That was the idea, anyway.  Well, here we are, in a very tiny 1 bedroom/1 bath, almost no yard home.  So, to say the least, we have more "things" than space!  Ugh.  Trying to sort through it all, while surrounded by lots & lots of boxes is not an easy task!  Good thing our shed is a 2-story and can hold a lot of storage upstairs!  ;-)  We will be at this for awhile...

We had planned out being out of here by now, coming back in the fall and continuing the unpacking then...but...I broke one of my molars.  Darn.  So, now I'm off to see an oral surgeon.  Not sure how long all this will take.  The "heat of the summer has started" and as soon as we can, we are out of here...boxes or no boxes! 

...unpacking in Arizona,  Marie

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  1. The end time comes to all who travel... may have to check out your park next year when we come west again...