Friday, August 24, 2018

Fun at the Fair!

One of the fun things we like to do is attend the "local fairs" when we can.  It's always fun to see what an area's "County Fair" is like...each is so different!  Over the years we've wandered into everything from banjo contests to tri-state 4H competitions, to tiny little fairs that we could hardly even find to great big ones.  You just never know what your going to find, that's why I like them!

So, when I saw the ad for the "Idaho County Fair" I got excited!  "Oh boy", I told Jack, "Lets go and see what it's all about!" so, off we went on opening day!

The first thing I noticed that was different, admission charge!  ;-)  The first tent we went into was the Arts & Crafts favorite!  Right as we entered was the Best of Show quilts - beautiful!!  Now, I have to say, we've seen some beautiful quilts over the years, but wow, (the one on the left) I would have actually bought this one, it was so beautiful!  My picture does not do it justice.

Then on around the room we went, enjoying the rest of the quilts, and needlework, flower arrangements, and then, my favorite (of course) the photography.  Always fun to see what the "judges" think should be the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners.  I've never figured out their reasoning...have you?  Anyway, all fun!

Now it was time to try out the local food!  Hm mm what to try first?  One of the fun things to do at a fair is to go crazy and eat what "this year's fad is", right?  Well, I walked up and down and read the menus, and it seemed that the "savory" was a mashed potato cup with tons of cheese along with onions, bacon and some other things I can't remember...what ever it was, it was to much for me (and that's saying a lot) - so I passed it up.  The "sweet" was deep fried Oreo cookies (to sweet for me too).  I opted for "steak bites & fries", not bad, and then had a Huckleberry Ice Cream cone for dessert!!  Yum!

Next up, the entertainment!  It was fiddle players, and pretty good too!  At one point a grandmother brought her young grandson up with his and encouraged him to play one song for us, very sweet.  All along the sides in the the background you could just hear the auctioneer selling off the 4 H kids animals, and watch them as they brought them in and out of the barns, getting them ready to sell.

Its so fun to watch all the children at these family oriented, small fairs.  There were no rides or carnival games.  It was all about the animals, the arts and crafts and local talent.  It was about family, friends and time together.  Old fashioned and nice.

After we left there, there was one more stop I wanted to make en route back to our campsite and that was a visit to the The Monastery of St Gertrude in Cottonwood.

This is an active monastery of Benedictine sisters who live here and operate a B & B and a Spirit Center Retreat Center.  It was founded by 3 sisters who arrived in 1882 from a cloister in Sarnen Switzerland.  In their long history they established 14 schools and 2 hospitals.

The Monastery is not open to the public but they have a history museum and a beautiful chapel that is.  We visited both and had a delightful conversation with one of the sisters in the history museum.  What a unique place.  I'm so glad we stopped.

What a nice way to end our visit of Idaho, now we are off to Washington!  Over the hills and through the fields we go...

...on the road,  Marie

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