Sunday, August 12, 2018

A little bit of heaven...

After leaving Ft. Pierre, we did spend a few days in Spearfish SD and had a blast walking the streets of Sturgis gawking at all the various motorcycles along with all the paraphernalia that one could buy to go along with them!  What a blast these people were going to have the next week at this rally!  They had all kinds of entertainment lined up for them, from big name bands to races.  Good for them!  Our campsite was already booked with 90% riders coming in ahead to enjoy the countryside and side trips.  The weather was great, they were all in for a wonderful week ahead!  We were there three days, long enough to enjoy the sights and buy some "souvenirs", then on to Montana to meet up with some friends...

We settled into our campground in Montana that we were to meet up with our friends, only to find out that it wasn't going to happen.  Unfortunately, family problems occurred and they couldn't meet up with us.  Life happens.  So, the luxury of having your home with you, you just check your map, and the weather, and reroute yourself!  I made a couple of calls and found out that some of our other friends were camped not to far from us in Idaho, so, we headed over to them!

We had a nice, albeit short visit with our friends before they had to scoot to Oregon for a prescheduled appointment to have some work done on their rig.  We decided that since we were in Idaho, we would spend some time driving around the areas we haven't seen in our previous visits here!  One of the nice things Jack does is keep a "Master Map" of every route we've taken through the years.  That way we can see which roads we've been on and which roads we haven't yet.  Jack found a great scenic route for us right through the middle of Idaho that looked really good for this trip, so that's what we decided to take for the next couple of weeks...making a  s l o w  e a s y  route up to Washington.  Nice.

Making my reservations for the first couple of stops, I found out that the area we were heading through over the weekend, that they were celebrating a "Huckleberry Festival" and were booked solid everywhere I checked!  Oh my..."who knew?"  Well, I ended up going a little further north (to Riggins) than we had planned and ended up at a very small campground called Riverside RV Park.  The reviews seemed nice, but there were only a couple...but I was getting desperate.  I called them and the lady seemed really nice, checked and yes, they had a spot big enough for us, and ...yes, someone just cancelled, so we could even come in on Thursday, making it 3 nights.  Yea.  I had no idea what to expect, but we could handle anything for 3 nights.  No problem.

Well, it wasn't anything like I expected...IT WAS PARADISE!!  OMG!!  I Wish we could have stayed there for a week or more!!  Pure heaven...Our sweet spot was a pull through right alongside lush green grass with a nice picnic table and all of it over-looked the Salmon River!  There were even steps down to the river, so, if you were a fisherman, or just even liked to go and sit on the rocks below and put your feet in the water, you could - right there at your campsite!  All this right under the the most beautiful, full canopied tree you could ask for.  Beautiful, peaceful, and all for $30. a night.  Amazing.  Bob, the owner was such a sweet guy too, you would see him here and there moving the sprinkler, chatting with people, etc.

Just up the road a bit, we enjoyed watching rafters spend some time on the river and wished we were with them!  ...maybe we will do that next week when we are in Grangeville.

Such a nice surprise to find a bit of heaven along our little adventure in Idaho!  It will be fun to see what else is in store for us as we travel along our "scenic route"!

...on the road in Idaho,  Marie

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