Monday, March 18, 2013

Quiet reflection...

Do you ever just sit in quiet reflection (meditation aside)?  No music, TV or people to talk to?   I usually don't.  I like sound.  If I am alone, I either have the radio (preferred) on or the TV, or if not alone, then I am singing (well, I call it that) or talking to someone (in person or on the phone).

Yesterday I found myself in an unusual situation.  Jack and I were sitting outside in the nice shade of the RV.  He was reading and I decided to start on my new cross-stitch.  He promptly feel asleep, leaving me alone.  I didn't want to turn the radio on because it might wake him, and the same if I called someone.  I didn't want to go inside because it was to hot.  There was no one to in sight, it was just me and my cross-stitch.  Now, the thing about cross-stitch is that there are large sections that can be repetitive, so it doesn't take much thought or brain power to do it - leaving your mind free to it did...

I started thinking about the last time I had done one of these, as it had to be many years ago.  There was a time in my life when I used to do a lot of cross-stitch (along with other sewing projects).  During that time there was a small group of us women (in our early 30's) who would get together once a week and work on our projects.  It was so much more fun that way!  We would talk about our kids & husbands (or guys we were dating), eat, drink, and laugh a lot.  Special friendship bonds were formed during that time.

I think we all have at least one special person we meet in our life who really makes a difference.  Someone who helps you through those "tough years", who seems to understand you better than anyone else.  That person for me is Jeanine.  Jeanine has the insight of a psychic, the wit of a night show host (actually their writers) and the heart of a volunteer.  She's a talented artist and writer and attractive to boot, and she doesn't see any of it!  She wears her very big heart on her sleeve and gives openly, so unfortunately she's been taken advantage of a number of times, and it never seems to stop her from being the sweetie that she is.

As I sat there reflecting on those times together, then, and over the years as we have grown, moved apart but manage to stay in touch, I smiled at how lucky I am to have her and the other friends I've made along this path called "life".

I know that my life was pretty rough going for the first half or so, but I have been so blessed with such special people along the way that I can hardly remember the pain, only the lessons learned - and I guess that's what it's suppose to be all about anyway...hmmm

Well, that was enough of the "quiet", I went inside anyway and called my dear friend for a  long over-due "girl talk"!

 ...kicking back in Desert Hot Springs,   Marie

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