Monday, March 4, 2013

Relaxing...Marie style

All my life I have been on the move.  My Dad was a career Navy man and in those days, the military moved you every two years, minimum.  Sometimes we moved houses in between the big moves.  I lost count of how many houses and schools I had gone to even before getting to high school.  When I was twelve, Dad retired and my parents got a divorce so my "movement" continued on going back & forth between parents and other relatives.  After high school I moved several times, then got married, moved a few more times and then came the children!

Once the twins came I haven't stopped moving!  In those early years I was raising the three children on my own, working three jobs while going to school and even fitting in a few dates now and then!  Later things slowed down to just one job, the kids and dating!

As the children grew older, marriage came and the job got easier, but I was always active...until now.  When I would tell folks about my "pending retirement" I would get mixed responses.  Some would congratulate me and share how they either enjoyed being retired or wished they were (depending on their status).  Some would ask "what will you do?"  I would quickly tell them how I had so many things I have wanted to do but never had the time!  We (my husband and I) have wanted to travel and see the U.S. to begin with, then I have so much writing I want to do, gardening, projects, "all kinds of things!"

I have been looking forward to retirement for years!  Having the "free time" I never have had.  Time to "just relax and be".  Something new to me.  Something I've envied others having.  Something I've fantasized about.

Last year, as you know if you have followed this blog, we filled our year with travel.  Busy, moving, seeing, doing travel.  We really never stayed very long in one place, and when we did, it was still full of going, seeing and doing!  Fun!  We loved every moment of it.  No regrets.  But this year we thought we would do something different.
Something slower. 

This year our plans are to drive less and stay longer at our destinations.  See more National & State Parks, relax more, make new friends, learn new things, experience life differently.

When we were in San Diego we learned that Jack needed to return at the end of March for some follow up dental work.  That meant we couldn't travel to far afield, so we got out our trusty map and computer and settled on the desert for warmth and economy.  We have been camped in Desert Hot Springs for three weeks (with another three to go).  Now, not only has this been the longest we've stayed in one place, but also the bleakest place we've stayed at!  Don't get me wrong, it's not an awful place.  It's just that there isn't that much to do or see out here...and that's not a bad thing, it's just not something we are used to!

Of course, as I've shared, we have jaunted off to "see what we could see" of the area...Joshua Tree National Park, 29 Plams' murals, street fairs, art fairs, Thursday Night gatherings in Palm Springs, etc.  The campground has activities, which we've checked out a couple too, but mostly it's been us just "relaxing"...or trying to.

I've read a few books (loved the bio of Steve Jobs!), cleaned the rig from top to bottom, reorganized all my cupboards and made them much more efficient, and have moved the winter clothes back and the summer clothes forward.

Now I've decided there is nothing left to do but work on my tan!  So, I've been going to the pool (isn't that where one is suppose to do it?) Magazines: check (boy, they have really stacked up and my sister had saved them all for me!),  sun lotion: check, sun hat: check, watch: check (don't want to burn), water: check (need to stay hydrated), and beach towel: check!  The pool here is heated too, so that makes it nice and two nice jacuzzi to finish off with, mm mm.  Now if the weather would just stay the same way every day I could get with the program...maybe.

You see, "relaxing" I've found, is difficult for me.  Something completely new.  It was always something that happened rarely, something "stolen" for a few hours, not for days and days!  I know I will get a rhythm to this, I just haven't found it yet..but I am working on it!  In between time... I'm getting a great tan!

  ...kicking back in Desert Hot Springs,   Marie

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