Monday, October 14, 2013

Looking out our window...

When we first got our motorhome, one of our dear friends exclaimed "what a view you have out your front window!"  She said how wonderful it was going to be to just look out it as we drove and to be able to see so much, so far & wide...and she was right!  Sitting up high and with a large wide window it gives us a wonderful full view of this beautiful country of ours.  I share a lot about the places we stop and visit, but there is also so much we see just driving along!  I have a laptop pull-out table at my seat, that I tried once, but I found it to distracting, there was just to much to see out the window and I didn't want to miss one minute of it!

It seems that the scenery changes from minute to minute too.  There are times, of course that it doesn't, like the vast plains in West Texas or South Dakota, but so many more times when one minute it's full of trees, then the next it's a deep canyon with jutting rocks of multiple colors, or a river twisting and turning or perhaps a farm filled with wheat.  Fields filled with cattle, horses or sheep.  Deer sneaking their dinner off of the farmer.  Big, beautiful ranches and small simple farms.  Ranchers herding their cattle in by horse or by ATV.  Farmers plowing their fields or picking their crops.  People fishing by boat or along side the creek or river.  Children jumping off the sides of the banks & bridges into the river for a cool dip on a hot day.

We usually take the back roads, the" scenic byways".  Less traffic and less commercial business to deal with, more "historical points" to pull over to, more beauty to see and enjoy.  We like that.  More small towns, that's always fun too.  Always makes us wonder what people do, living way out in the middle of "nowhere"?  Pondering...we have fun with that too.

Our latest drive was a fast two day trip from Utah through Idaho to Montana.  We don't usually breeze through states like that, but the weather is turning and we have a wedding to attend and we didn't want to get caught in a snow fall, and didn't really want to take the big freeway if we didn't have to...and it turned out we didn't have to and saw some of the most beautiful countryside yet!  So...enjoy!

Early morning frost along the farmlands as we left Utah
First signs of fall on the hills of Utah
Even beautiful red colors added to the Utah hillsides
A Utah farmhouse surrounded by golden hills
For miles, each side of the Hwy was lined with flowering Rabbit Bush!
Snake River Canyon Idaho
Along the beautiful Salmon River Scenic Byway, Hwy 93, Idaho
Herding cattle the "old fashion" way!
Craters of the Moon, Arco Idaho

...kicking back in Montana,  Marie

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