Saturday, October 26, 2013

The cycle of life...

Do you remember the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral"?  I feel like my year has been "Two Funerals, Two Weddings and a Promise".

Spring began with the ending of my brother's life cycle.  Many tears were shed because he had brought so much joy to so many lives for so many years, and isn't that what life should be about?

Summer brought the joy-filled wedding of my son, bringing into our family a lovely new daughter-in-law and great happiness to us all.

Fall began with another wedding of a dear friend's son whom we've had the joy of watching grow up over the years.  As that wedding drew to an end, we received notice that my brother-in-law's life had ended.  This too was a blessing, as he had lived a long life, once filled with joy and love but ending with years of great pain.  He was now at peace.

As winter begins, so does new life.  We end the year with news that our new daughter-in-law is expecting their first child next year.  So life goes on, as the seasons turn, one onto the  other.

As I write this, I am in Washington,  looking out at all the beautiful trees.  Some still green, some yellow, orange, red and some already have dropped all their leaves.  When we lived in San Diego, the changing of the seasons was so mild you hardly felt it.  Traveling around the country, it's so much more noticeable, and I love it.  I especially love watching the trees because they don't "die", they just "change" as the year passes by.  The tree itself is alive and hardy with the trunk standing tall and the branches reaching out towards the sun.  As the seasons change, the leaves develop, sometimes flowers come, then as time goes on, colors change, then they drop, and later it all starts over again...but that same tree stays tall and hardy.  Beautiful.  Life is like that, I feel.  Birth, aging, death, they are just "changes", our soul is our tree, it goes on, tall and hardy.

My brother John
Jessica & son Aaron
Melinda & Ian
My brother-in-law Bob

...kicking back in Tacoma Washington,  Marie

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