Monday, April 21, 2014

Bootscootn' across Texas!

Unfortunately, due to family business, we had to turn our rig around and head back to California, which means, driving back through the big state of Texas once again!  We will have to come back here in about two months when grand baby number seven is born in June...does the word "yo yo" come to mind to anyone else besides me?  I prefer the more forward motion, instead of backward one myself, but sometimes family matters takes an ugly turn and one has to do what one has to do...  Oh well, guess Nashville will just have to stay on my list of places I want to visit, awhile longer!  Dang...

Anyway, as we are bootscootn' back, as time is of the essence, we took the route that lead us through San Antonio, another one of our favorite stops.  It just so happened that it turned out to be Easter weekend and Fiesta de los Reyes!  As usual, I had lost track of all time and didn't even realize the dates until the night before we were to arrive (Thursday) and got panicky that we wouldn't be able to find a site, but as luck would have it (yea me) we got the last of 3 in a beautiful KOA not far from town.

This campground had everything!  So, Friday evening after settling in, we just took a leisurely walk around the very large park and ordering their pizza and just set out our camp chairs and relaxed outside.  The weather was idyllic for a change, as it had been quite cold for the last few days of travel.  The next morning we indulged, once again in their chuck wagon breakfast, then donned sun hats, camera and headed off to see what the Fiesta had to offer!

Our first stop proved not to be "our type" - loud noisy music, to crowed with families of small children with lots of carnival food and rides, etc.  I had read something about an up-scale art show, so we looked that up and was able to finally track it down.  It was located in an old monastery turned art school.  Beautiful location and great show!  Some of the crafts were really imaginary and unusual, all very nice, all very expensive, all worth our time and enjoyment.

It was time to move on to our favorite part of the city...the River Walk!  It's such a soothing beautiful, yet entertaining part of the city - and filled with great restaurants!  We were hungry and ready to find THE restaurant.  You see, two years ago we wandered into a great restaurant, one that Jack found a dish that he LOVED.  That's saying a lot.  Let me explain to those who don't know us that well...I love food.  All kinds of food.  Jack on the other hand...not so much.  He's from Philadelphia, and likes pretty basic things, things he grew up with, like cheese steaks & bagels - but only the ones like they make in Philly.  Meatloaf, hamburgers, get the picture?  Spicy foods like Mexican....not so much.  So, when we go to these types of places, I try and find foods there that he will eat so that I can have a (decent) meal and he can too.  So, I read menus.  That's what I did two years ago, and steered us into this restaurant.  So, back to my story.  We couldn't remember the name of this restaurant, but knew we would recognize it if we saw it again...wasn't sure exactly where on the River Walk it was located...but...knew we'd find it, right?

So, off we went in search!  The biggest challenge was finding a parking place!  Ugh, OK, that done, down the stars we went to the first set we came to.  Where to begin to look?  Three restaurants in, and...could it be that easy?  Yep, there it was!  The Iron Cactus!!  Same menu, same great food, same great service, same fantastic margaritas!  Same very happy husband!!

Our plan had been to spend Easter Sunday really enjoying this lovely campground, the pool, riding our bikes on one of their trails, even using our new campfire pit Jack made us - but the weather turned yucky, so I decided it was a day to catch up on chores instead.  Not the kind of Easter I've enjoyed in the past, but so far, this year it has been one with lots of surprises that I am sure will just keep on coming...and that can be a good thing!

...on the road in Texas,  Marie

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