Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fun and Friendship in Florida! - Week two...

With a "down day" in between to have the condo cleaned and restock the kitchen, Jack and I prepared ourselves for our next couple of friends flying in from San Diego.  Lew and Lupita wanted a more laid back, easy going week.  Lupita had to work part-time so she would be tied to her computer part of the time as well, and was just happy to be getting away for a few days. 

The weather had turned cooler, so we decided to wait a day for it to be a bit warmer, filling in with an indoor visit to the Titanic Museum.  Lupita is a big fan of anything having to do with the famed ship, and after checking it out, it seemed pretty authentic, so we ventured forth.  They actually did a pretty decent job, showing over 250 authentic artifacts recovered from the wreck site of Titanic, as well as extensive recreations of some of the most famous rooms from the Ship. 

The "big thing" on their agenda was EPCOT!  So, once the sun decided to show it's face, we took advantage of it, and raced our little bodies right over!  Jack and I had been three years before, so kind of had the "lay of the land", and we have a brother-in-law who is a big fan, who I had contacted and asked his advise on the best way to tackle the park.  He said "to go through the international exhibits first, clockwise as most people tend to go counter-clockwise", that's what we did.  It was perfect, just what everyone wanted to see and experience.  We walked and ate and took lots of pictures...well, this time they took more than I did (I had taken so many the time I was there before, I didn't need to take quite as many this time).  I did have to chuckle, every time I turned around, I'd loose one or both of them as they were off (mostly in different directions) taking pictures!  Now I know what it's like traveling with me!  Somehow we did manage to catch almost all of the shows the various countries put on before collapsing by the end of the day.

Lupita and I did manage a day to ourselves...a fun day getting all our nails done!  I just love those chairs where they vibrate all up and down your back, and after a long day at EPCOT, it sure felt great!  Plus, sparkle pink toes afterward, who could ask for anything more?  Lupita and I used to work together, way, way, way back, so it's always fun to play "catch up" on who's where doing what now...

Our last night together was a planned "Cuban" affair.  She had some research for me.  Jack is a plain meat and potatoes kind of guy, so whenever I can get some company to experience some fun food, I love it!  I knew my friends would be up for it, so I put them on the search.  She found Cuba Libre Restaurant in Orlando, and it just fit the bill!  They started with traditional Mojitos, while I had a Sangria.  Then came the Mariquiatas Cubanas (appetisers): Guacamole Cubano (they add pineapple & roasted jalapeƱos and serve with crispy plantain chips) and Tropical Chips and a Trio of Dips: Plantain and malanga chips. Black bean hummus, Haitian eggplant salad and Cuba Libre salsa.  All YUM!  Then...dinner came!  I don't remember what anyone else had, but I had the Vaca Frita: Tender braised and crisped-shredded flank steak, roasted onions and citrus-garlic sauce. White rice and Cuban black beans.  Delicious!  ...and I ate the whole thing!

All good things come to an end...and so did our second week.  The four of us packed up our things, cleared up the condo, gave each other lots of hugs and made arrangements to see each other again San Diego.

We drove them off to the airport, then returned the car to the rental office and hooked up our little Toyota to our "home" and drove out of Orlando and headed to see family in Texas!

...on the road,  Marie

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