Monday, June 7, 2021

Rainy days adventure...

 Well, no trip is perfect, and every trip comes with surprises and I guess you can't have lovely weather "it" had to happen someday...and this was "the stop it happened" on!  RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN!!! Wow, when Mother Nature opens up, she really opens up!!  

We only had a couple of days here in the Myrtle Beach/Oak Island area and we had come here to see the last lighthouse on our when there was a break in the rain, we decided to go for it, and take our chances and take the drive out to Oak Island to see the lighthouse!  I knew if I took my umbrella, it would bring us good luck...and it did!

When we got to the island, I have to say, I was really holding my breath though, and thanked Jack for buying a truck, as the water level on the streets was a good one to two feet high in places!  Good looking lighthouse though, don't you think?  ;-)  

After we left there, and since the sun was still shining, we drove on down to Myrtle Beach to check it out...

Well, we "knew" it was going to be a place to take the kids, a boardwalk full of attractions and hype, but WOW, was it CRAZY WILD!!  Packed with people, families, teens, tons of miniature golf places, rides of all kinds - ending with their "famous" SkyWheel.  It was like seeing a state fair packed into a few blocks, surrounded by beach!  Parking was limited to paid lots only and started at $10 and went up from there.  All around the "fair atmosphere" were huge high-rise hotels with their own water-park-like pools competing for attention!  

We just shook our heads as we (along with the rest of the bumper-to-bumper cars) drove around.  We were happy for them though, that the rain had stopped...although I'm not sure that it would have mattered to them!  ;-)

The rain did come back, with a vengeance, so we just tucked ourselves in for the night and left the next the rain...ugh, our least favorite way of travel.  

Anyway, we are now in North Carolina.  Here to see the Capitol, do a little shopping in Raleigh.  The rain has stopped for the moment, but the "report" is that it's coming back, so we shall see...all I can say is that the air is so thick you can hardly take a breath...boy, put a gal in the desert for three years and she just doesn't know how to deal with real "humidity"!   lol

...kicking back in North Carolina,  Marie

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