Thursday, August 5, 2021

Kentucky Kamping...The Good, The Bad and The Relaxing...

Kentucky is one of my favorite states to visit.  Whenever we are here, the weather has been delightful, clear, sunny (not to hot, not to cold, not humid, not "always" raining), no bugs to annoy us, lots and lots of green grass with long beautiful fencing holding in sleek horses looking back at us as we drive by...ahhh

What could be better?  To be able to stay in one place, actually.  You see, "camping" this year has changed a has gotten more crowded, and thus, reservations are harder and more frustrating to deal with - especially over the weekends.  In our prior years of traveling, we used to be able to make reservations days to hours ahead of time.  Now, it's months to weeks ahead, and even then it takes several calls to get one location.  What I've found in "prime locations" like Kentucky, we've had to move several times - sometimes even in the same campground, just to have a whole week in one spot!  

To add to this equation, we needed to have some work done on our truck and a part had to be was supposed to be here two days's still not here.  Oops, there goes our "schedule" full of reservations!  That was one of the reasons I always hated traveling that way, it locks you in, then what?  

When I'm not on the computer or the phone working through this maze...I'm enjoying the beauty around me.  Jack and I took a lovely drive out into the countryside of Georgetown to look at some barns that had hung "barn quilts" on them.  We found about a dozen along our drive.  Georgetown is outside of Lexington by about 45 minutes, and is a much smaller town.  As with most of Kentucky, many of the homes are large, rock or brick stately mansions with beautiful gardens all around them, each one deserving an "Oh my! Look at that!  Wow!  Oh, how beautiful!"  If I took pictures of all of them, I would have hundreds and hundreds, so, I just admire them and drive on.

 Additionally, we discovered the Lexington Cemetery, established in 1849.  What a beautiful old cemetery!  While driving through it, we found that it not only had "local" Civil War hero's but a Vice President (John C Breckinridge (1821-1875) as well as a former Speaker of the House (Sen. Henry Clay (1777-1864),  but the biggest surprise was Mary Todd Lincoln's family plot - everyone but her - she's with her husband (of course) in Springfield IL.  All in all, some incredible and unusual headstones along with beautiful gardens and ponds.

Because we have been to Kentucky before and enjoyed several areas of the state, we don't have the need to rush to "go and see" this and that, and that is another reason I wanted to come here for a few weeks - to just relax...sit back, read a book or two...take a walk, or a friend or two...

So, here we are, under the sunny skies of Kentucky, awaiting the "next turn of events", not quite sure which direction we will be heading - plan A or plan B, I guess I will just go grab my book and wait and see!

kicking back in Kentucky,  Marie

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