Monday, May 20, 2024

Having Fun in Fiji!

We were excited to reach Fiji because we had signed up for a zip-lining adventure early on and was really looking forward to doing this.  Jack and I had done zip-lining a few times in San Diego, but nothing like what we were going to be doing in Suva.  Here, it was going to be seven rides over the jungle canopy going from one platform to another, each one longer and steeper that the last!  

The day started out with a bumpy bus ride out to our destination, there were about a dozen of us in the group. It was an early morning trip, but humidity and temperature and were already rising.  Once we arrived, we had a short walk...uphill, to get our gear and suit up! I only took a couple of picture en route, and of us (all ready to go) - but nothing else - as I handed my phone to Jack to put in his deep pockets to make sure it was safe!  I had this crazy idea that he would be able to take a picture of me as I traveled from platform to platform, hah!  First off, we all were pretty tightly squeezed together on those platforms, and secondly, there wasn't much time from getting onto them, before we were sent off again!  Not much time for "friendly photo shoots"!  Every time the guide offered to take someone's picture, Jack wasn't there with my phone, so I was out of luck...Oh well, I was there for the experience anyway.  ;-). 


The next day was a relaxing day on the island of Dravuni Fiji.  It's a small beach island (only about 125 inhabitants) that we had to be shuttled into.  Warm, clear, delicious water to swim in, with white sand to sit back and just relax the day away...ahhh.

The locals were there with their goods (of course), lovely linens (I had to have one!), as well as a variety of shirts and dresses.  Several people went out on a boat tour of the island as well as enjoyed their BBQ offers.  Unfortunately, the excitement of the day turned out to be a shipmate who ended up being life flighted out due to a medical emergency.  Our captain kept us informed and all ended well with him in the end. 

Here's a few pictures of our day there...

Views coming into the island

Enjoying the warm ocean!

Sandy beaches and lovely things to buy

 Sun, sand and shopping, what more can a person ask for?  ;-)

...catching up from our cruise,  Marie

If you would like to see the rest of my photos, you can go to my Flickr account and it's under the Pacific Islands Album.


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