Sunday, May 19, 2024

Having fun on the sea!

People always ask what everyone does all those days at sea?  One thing I can tell you, is the cruise director and his staff are kept extremely busy!! There was (many) something(s) going on board from 7a.m. until well past midnight every single day!  You couldn't get bored! That's not including all the swimming pools, lounges (to sit and read or just chat), gym, spa, casino, ping pong, pickle ball courts and eateries!

Beyond all the quizzes, table games, arts & crafts classes, art auctions, etc. they would occasionally come up with some wild and crazy fun thing to really get our attention.  One such time was "The Egg Drop Challenge".  This evidently was a tradition, as a number of guests expected it to happen at some time and were waiting for it to be announced.  If my sister-in-law hadn't told me to look for it, and be sure and go to it, I wouldn't have given it a second thought.  

The "Piazza" was inside and in the center of the ship where music and food (cafe) was "happening" 24 hours a day.  This is where "it" was going to take place...

Let me try and set the scene...The Piazza is surrounded by two large, spiraling staircases that go up three floors.  Each of those floors over-look the Piazza.  The Piazza floor is about 25' round with chairs and small tables surrounding it.  They placed a plastic sheet down over the stationary piano and the floor as well as an "egg" decal that would serve as the target.  

Once it was announced that there would be The Egg Drop Challenge, tons of people gathered all around, in every possible spot!  Anyone interested in participating in the challenge had to use "available" things, to secure the raw egg given to them (by the staff) and come up with a name for their piece.  They had seven challengers.

Each challenger showed their piece, described it, gave it a name, and then went to the third floor, leaned over the railing, and did their best at dropping it to land safely onto the egg target on the floor.  One of the staff was appropriately dressed in a blow-up chicken, who then checked to see if the egg survived.  

Each contraption was ingenious, funny, cute and all but one survived!  The "winner" was a teddy bear who was all dressed up in small life jacket (holding his egg) including eclipse sun glasses! He landed bottom up right on the target!  His owner got a rubber chicken as his prize!  We all got lots of laughs and  a great time.

 Who says you can't have silly fun at sea! ...and we weren't eve gone two weeks yet!  ;-)

...catching up from our cruise,  Marie

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