Sunday, May 20, 2012

Southern Hospitality

There really isn't anything like good ole Southern hospitality! It's even better when you know the Southerners! Both Jack and I have friends that have migrated to the south. Drew and Natalie to Statesboro Georgia and Harold to Charleston South Carolina. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet up with them, get hugs and visit their "new homes" with an "insider guide".

The small town of Statesboro is lovely and filled with community spirit. It's home to the Georgia Southern University which encompass a large portion of the population. Drew is a student at the college and gave us a personal tour. He is an artist, and was also having a showing while we were there, so we were treated to a special viewing! Yea!

Later we had lunch in a great restaurant that serves "family style", The Beaver House has been serving up good ole Southern food for many years. Bowls and platters filled to the brim just kept coming as long as we all kept eating! Fried chicken as good as my mom used to make, along with mashed potatoes and chicken gravy, enough to make you sigh with happiness.

We were invited to park at their friend's farm, and what a joy that was! To wake up each day and look out and see a huge Live Oak tree with a swing hanging in it in one direction, a lovely pond in another, or the old barn with a mule that had a great personality. Absolute beauty and pure Southern charm - the farm, the hostess and the visit...

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...kicking back in Georgia, Marie

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