Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Color our world fun!

As you have probably figured out, Jack and I love "factory tours". It's so much fun to see how things are made, what goes into it, American pride & resources. We have a book Watch It Made In The USA, that we frequently open and see if a factory tour is in our path of driving from here to there.

We've even been known to drive two hours to get to one - our recent trip to West Chester PA to the QVC Studios, being one example.

While visiting Jack's sister, I saw that the QVC Studios weren't to far away, and since the family was working that day, why not go check it out?

Now, I'm really not a QVC shopper - actually haven't even watched it but for a minute here or there on my way to finding a channel. So what, that's no reason not to go see them!

It was fun! We got a great tour of their TV studios - all 17 sets of them. Saw a cute "bloopers" film, met a hostess and got to ask a lot of questions. At the end, we shopped in their store, but I only got a pen & post cards...I'm just not into their type of merchandise, I guess.

When we left Kathy & Bob's, we purposely headed towards Easton PA where the Crayola Factory and Martin's Guitars are made.

Who doesn't like to color? Checking the web to make sure of the times and directions we learned that the Crayola Factory is open daily from 9-5. Unfortunately, Martin Guitar's closed shop for the week (nice for the employees, not so nice for us). Oh well, more time to play with crayons!

It was a blast! There are 4 floors at "The Crayola Experience". Each level has different activities showcasing their various products. For the "factory" portion, they have a theater that shows the process on large TV screens and a person demonstrating. As he creates crayons & markers, he hands the "freshly made" to everyone. Cheers were heard all around!

The best part was the shopping! With 6 grandchildren, that's the kind of shopping I get into! We grabbed the large shopping bag and s l o w l y made our way around the store. So many choices, so many things I never even knew existed! With a very full shopping bag, we checked out and went to find lunch - shopping works up quite an appetite! The day was topped off with one of the best salads I've ever had. Take all the things you like about "Buffalo wings", switching strips of breast meat for the wing part, toss them together with lettuce, tomatoes and French fried onion rings (the kind you buy in a can), mix blue cheese dressing with a little (more) of that Buffalo sauce and you have a great "Buffalo Chicken Salad"! Yum! A wonderful way to end the visit to Easton PA.

If you wish to view the rest of the photos from this trip, you can at my Flickr account at:

...kicking back in Pennsylvania, Marie


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