Saturday, August 4, 2012

A day in our life...

As I sit here, thinking about how far behind I am in getting my blogs written, what I want to write, and what I'd rather be doing now...I thought I would share with you, a what a "typical" travel day is like for us, first...

I don't think our bodies have totally adjusted to the different time zones. Not having to get up by a certain time to "go to work", we've slowly changed our routine to later dinners (or just two meals, making one around 4pm, then "dessert" around 8pm)and staying up late (11pm-midnight) and waking up late (8:30-10am). Most mornings are spent leisurely getting up and having a light breakfast, then when we are pulling out that day, we slowly get things "buttoned down" and usually pull out sometime between 10-11am. It's a rare day that we "rush" anything!

We mostly drive the "back roads" whenever we can, staying off the main interstates. The beauty & grandeur along these roads is what makes this country so mesmerizing. No billboards or advertising to distract you. These roads usually take a bit longer, but the traffic is much fewer. I also like that the speed limits along them are usually a bit lower, mostly around 45-55 mph, dropping down to 35 mph at each small town. This way, we can enjoy the scenery better.

These roads are usually filled with trees and wild flowers all along the edges. Meadows are filled with knee high grasses and wild flowers of every color. Tucked in here and there are simple homes, farmlands, small lakes, ponds and streams. The water level has been pretty low in most parts, but every once in awhile we cross over a fast-flowing river or stream that always brings a smile and an "oh look!" Of course there has been the "coastlines" where the views run the gambit of sandy beaches to cliffs overlooking gorgeous waterways. We pop in one of our Cd's of New Orleans jazz or Zydeco and just tootle down the road. Sometimes when we come over a rise, we are in awe of the vista we see out our large front window.

My only disappointment is the lack of seeing much wildlife. Occasionally we will see a deer or two, but not much else. (we have seen a couple of turtles trying to cross the road!) "Moose" is supposed to be abundant along the north-eastern states & Canada, but you couldn't tell by me! Other than seeing it on every t shirt and souvenir , you wouldn't know they were anywhere near here. I try to look through the trees and scour every meadow for moose, but not a one has been spotted (so far, I'm not giving up!).

When it comes to camping, we've been able to almost always get space at our first choice. Bad for the economy, but good for us. Campgrounds have not been very full - even in this height of summer. Rates have been very reasonable as well. Many of them have added extra entertainment to help keep more campers coming and staying. Everything from live music to games and cookouts. Our average stay is anywhere from 1-3 nights.

The more north we travel, the more attention we get from people seeing our Washington licence plates. We've met some really nice folks that come over to chat. When we share what we are doing, they often ask where we are heading next; they are always very helpful in giving us tips & suggestions of where & what "to be sure and see". Taking their advise has led us to some wonderful places and adventures.

Since it's not always easy for a 35' motorhome + tow to just pull over and stop, we often see "fun"things that I haven't been able to "shoot". There have been great old barns, fences or walls covered in everything from lobster buoys to multi-colored tractor seats. It's as if the people who live along side of these roads decorate for our joy and entertainment! Most are well maintained with beautiful flower beds all around their very mowed lawns (everyone seems to have one of those riding mowers!). Many have added "yard art" as well. It's always fun to see what "other people" do to their homes & yards.

We try and limit the number of driving hours to 4 or less, so that Jack can get a break from driving, and we can still enjoy the rest of the day at the campground before dark. We feel so lucky to be doing what we are doing, and enjoying every minute of it. There is so very much to see in this beautiful country of ours, that we decided awhile back that "one year" just wasn't going to cut it, we will have to add at least one more to our plans! We plan on staying out of that cold, wet stuff called snow, so we will be back on the west coast by the end of this year, and take plenty of time to stay and visit with all of our family & friends. It does get a bit lonely & quiet "out here", which has made us appreciate our family & friends that much more. I am often asked "how it's going with being together 24-7?" ...and I will share that it's a good thing we like each other so much, or it could be a frustrating & aggravating way to spend your life with someone! ;-)

So, you can see why, sometimes I am 2 to 3 stops behind in some of my blogs...I am just spending what would be my "writing time", having fun! Life is good...

...on the road in New England and Canada, Marie

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