Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friendship & Fun, it doesn't get any better than that!

There are some people that stay in your life forever, even if there are are many miles between you...

As we left Pennsylvania, we headed toward Kentucky with great anticipation.  We were going to be able to meet up with an old friend that we hadn't seen in 9 years!  Yea! get to Kentucky from Pennsylvania, we needed to go through West Virginia, and "drag our feet" for a couple of days (so our schedule would meet with Paulette's).  We stayed in a small, basic campground in Milton WV.

After doing our "chores", we looked for something to do, to see, to??  All we could find was a small glass factory called Blenko Of course, they were closed on the day we had planned as our "outing day"!  The gift store was open tho! ;-)   We did get to see some of their stained glass work, and their really cool fence.  Afterward, we accidentally discovered a covered bridge, the Mud River Covered Bridge - that was cool!  So, not a wasted day I'd say!

F i n e l y we made it to Kentucky, parked our baby, set it up and called Paulette "we're here, and the wine is chilled!"  As she drove up, I couldn't help but run out for my long awaited hug, sooo good to see her again!  We chatted into the night (of course) and planned to meet the next morning for the first of our scheduled "tourist visits".

Our first day was spent in the delightful small town of Berea.  It's unique in that the whole town centers around "arts & crafts".  We started off with a great lunch (of course) in the Boone Tavern Hotel, well known for it's great food and beautiful ambiance.  We got to try their "famous" Boone Tavern, I think it's something of an "acquired taste".  I'm the only one who ate more than one bite, but you know me, I'll try anything!

After lunch we were now prepared to shop, shop, shop!  I've seen beautiful crafts all across the US, and each time it seems that "these" were the best, but they were "good", the things that we found in Berea were GREAT!  What imagination, pure creative genius.  One sees handmade pottery everywhere, so it takes someone with more vision, more imagination, and more creativeness (is that a word?) to make pottery different from anything else you have ever seen - that's the kind of surprises we found in this tiny, but mighty town.  It was also fun to talk with and watch the artists at work.  They were all eager to share what they were doing and 'how' it's done.  Made me want to go home and try some of it myself!  (I did take pictures of some of the things I thought we could try).

Another kind of fun thing they do there, is they mark the areas that one could find local handmade items, with 'hands' - that are themselves artful!

We ended the day with big scoops of handmade (of course) ice cream - better than any dinner!

If you wish to view the rest of the photos from this trip, you can at my Flickr account at:

...kicking back in Kentucky,  Marie

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