Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's for breakfast?

Sweet potato pancakes topped with a cinnamon sugar drizzle; stuffed French toast made from our freshly baked bread, filled with sweet cream cheese and topped off with fresh raspberries; eggs Benedict with fresh Hollandaise sauce; peach pancakes made with fresh picked peaches, topped with peach slices and dusted with powdered sugar...

No, this wasn't a dream, this was some of the "Specials of the Day" at the most amazing restaurant we had the good fortune to come across. We were staying in the very, very small town of Ransomville NY, and we woke up one morning HUNGRY. Now even though we have our own kitchen with us, we sometimes like to eat out, especially if there is regional food to try. We always ask the folks at the campground for recommendations of where they like to eat, as we did that morning. She gave us the name of two places in town (Two? Wow, the town isn't that big for two!) We checked out the first one, and decided to pass it up and see if the second one looked any better. The name of the place was the first draw - Knead the Dough. Cute, and suggested "homemade breads", yum! As we exited the car, we could already smell the wonderful things awaiting us. The restaurant is made to look like a house, each room a little different, but all of them warm and welcoming - like coming home to Mom's for one of her great meals!

Jessica greeted us in a very perky "good morning, may I get you something to drink?" Deciding what to choose was the most difficult decision we were going to have to make that day. Jack had the wonderful experience of having some of the best eggs Benedict ever, at the Beverly Hills Hotel awhile back and has been reluctant to try anyone else's. He decided to give it a try here. I opted for the fresh peach pancakes. As we waited for the food to arrive we took a look around and "met" Savannah Rose, a life-size pig (hog?) dressed in her summer-finest with flip flops to match! She was propped up on her two hind legs, leaning on the end of the counter. There was also a great framed newspaper article hanging on the wall above our heads. It told of the "history" of the restaurant and it's inspirational owner & chef, Deborah Parker.

Food arrived, looking incredible, and then the first taste..."Oh my god!" we both said with mouth fulls. Could this tiny town have one of the best restaurants we've ever found? Yes.

Then, we did something we have never done before...we came back every morning we were in Ransomville! By the time we left, Jessica was greeting us like all of her "regulars" and grabbing the decaf pot as we seated ourselves. We just wished we would have had more time to spend in that little town, because there were still so many dishes we hadn't tried yet!

Mom never fixed breakfast this good.

...on the road in New England, Marie

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