Friday, September 7, 2012

Some of the things I've learned along the way...

As we were driving along one day, I got to reminiscing about some of the places we've seen and things we've learn as we travel. I thought I would share a few with no particular order:

1. How to make a 24' ice cream sundae
2. How a handmade custom guitar is made
3. That there is only one tea plantation in the US and that the bulk of tea is imported here from Argentina
4. How crayons & magic markers are made
5. More information about the Civil War than I ever wanted to know
6. What Flax Scutching is and how to do it
7. How to cook 3 Cajun dishes
8. How Mardi Gras floats are made & that New Orleans actually has several parades all that week
9. How Americans care deeply about their heritage and culture
10. How the textile mills of MA & ME brought in French immigrants and enslaved them to work ungodly hours for very little pay
11. Learned the names of and how to recognize many different birds & wildflowers
12. How to guide a large mortorhome into a back-in space
13. That there is a lot of great "handmade" ice cream throughout the US
14. How Tabasco Sauce is made
15. How incredibly ingenious, creative & talented Americans are
16. How peanuts are grown
17. How, when, where & why the Girl Scouts got started
18. How pewter is made
19. That the economy is hurting everyone in every state, but that Americans are still hanging in there trying to make the best of their situation, and no matter what, are still proud to be one
20. How to wash & dry a huge, rounded window without leaving any streaks
21. What "humidity" is
22. More details about the various disasters Americans have faced than I ever wanted to know, but also how Americans always rallies around them and come out better for it
23. When, how & why the US Highway system was built
24. How to change a "home" into a "vehicle" & back again in less than 30 minutes
25. To always carry my camera with me

...and so much more!

...on the road in this beautiful country, Marie

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