Saturday, June 15, 2013

Color Colorado Beautiful!

I’ve been to Colorado a number of times, with and without Jack.  When one of my sons lived there, I used to visit the Denver area where he and his family lived, and always enjoyed it.  The trips that Jack and I made together had been car trips, enjoying such fun things like taking the train from Durango to Silverton & back. 

There is something about Colorado that pulls at me in a way that few states do.  Every time we come here it’s like being submerged into a book filled with brilliant colored pictures on every page.  It’s hard for me to describe, but no matter how many times I see this state, and it doesn’t seem to matter where in the state, I am in awe of it.  I am mixed with anticipation to see more and the desire to stay still and keep looking at what is in front of me. 

This trip was no different, and one filled with wonderful surprises and enjoyment.  Last year while we were in Lexington KY we met another couple who also owned an Allegro just like ours (if you have been reading my blog all along, you will remember the story of Jack running out our door to catch them when they drove by us!).  We have kept in touch and they were gracious enough to invite us to visit them in their “sticks & bricks” home in Littleton CO.  Having enjoyed their company so much when we first met them, we were delighted to have the opportunity to spend some time with them again and spend a few days seeing that area of Colorado. 

En route there, from our stay in Texas, we spent just a couple of days in a great state park in Trinidad CO.  We had a site overlooking the lake that was just beautiful!  So quiet and peaceful, you couldn’t ask for anything nicer, a true gem.  Trinidad is just over the state border, and a darling little town.  We took a day and spent all of it visiting every nook & cranny and I had a ball snapping lots of pictures!  The whole town dates back to the turn of the century and many of the old buildings still had some great “ghost ads” on them, and many were well cared for and still being used.  They were a coal mining town, and proud of it.  They even kept the last coal burning steam engine, and have it on display.  Nice stop and worth the visit. 

We needed one more stop before we could make it into Denver, so we chose Colorado Springs.  The campground I chose was one of “convenience & price” over “looks”.  Prices here are “sky high” and all you get for it is a place to park, basically.  Very windy here too.  Seems it just kept following us from Texas no matter where we went!  We only had the rest of that day to see anything because we wanted to pull out early the next morning to get to Littleton at a decent time.  I was hungry by the time we got settled, and having read up on the area, I chose not to go into the Springs, but to go another direction instead, to a town nearby called Manitou Springs.  There was a “castle” there that served lunch and did tours, so I thought, yea, two things in one trip! Ha!  So off we went to the Miramont Castle.  What a great choice I had made!  Lunch was superb and the tour was great...but best of all...I fell in love with the town.  I mean I really fell in love with this town.  This is the first place that I have been to that I have turned to Jack and said (the magic words) “I think I could live here”.  I talked with the delightful gentleman who served us, and asked him tons of questions about living there.  Weather being one of my big concerns, he explained that Manitou Springs being down in this little valley, gets missed by all the big storms...they just seem to “go over the top and sprinkle down instead of getting the full force”.  Snow is minimal and melts quickly, etc.  Hmmm..
We drove around a bit, but really didn’t have the time to get out and walk it much, or to do much “investigating” - this time - but there will be a next time, for sure! 

The following day we finally arrived at our friend’s with open arms and not only “hook-ups” but a guest bedroom and bath all our own!  We were treated like a queen & king the whole visit!  They were wonderful “tour guides” taking us all around, showing us such beautiful places like Chatfield Lake State Park (camping!) and Red Rocks where they have a beautiful, huge outdoor amphitheater where well-known artists come to entertain.  We spent one day visiting a darling little town, antiquing, eating great burgers & sweet potato fries topping it all off with fresh made ice cream afterwards.  Such a beautiful place, great visit and wonderful friends.  With reservations in the Grand Tetons, we had to say our “goodbyes” but with promises to get together again soon, and hopefully meeting up on a camping trip up ahead!

Colorado...we WILL be back!

...on the road in Wyoming,  Marie

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