Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nashville Side Trips!

Nashville is close to several "other" places (besides music, that is), it only made sense to use it as a "home base" while we made side trips!  One of those side trips was to the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg TN.  Anyone who knows my husband, knows that one of the very few drinks he does drink, is Jack Daniels, so of all the distilleries to choose from in Kentucky & Tennessee, this would be the one to see!  What a great tour they give too!  Ron, our tour guide, had a great sense of humor and could answer just about any question you could come up with...all accept the famous "why the number 7"?  And the reason he can't answer that question, is one knows!  Good ole Jack never told anyone!  Lots of guesses as to "why", but truth be one really knows...there were no numbers 1 through 6...only number 7!  Oh well...7's a good number, and a good whiskey, just ask my husband!  ;-)  (I think he likes the hint of vanilla).  One of the funny things about the distillery, is that it's in a dry county!  They can make it there, but you can't drink it or sell or buy it there! ...well, with one small exception (of course)!  A few years ago, and a few cases of their best whiskey, the fellas at the distillery went to visit the local politicians and got to talkin' to them about this law of theirs.  They came to an 'agreement' that it would be 'alright' for them to sell special, limited bottles, that customers couldn't purchase anywhere else.  So, there are about 6 different size/shapes of these bottles that you can have engraved, that you can "only get there, at their store on site" and no where else!  Of course, we had to get one!  We thought it would be a great addition to the Thanksgiving Feast!  ;-)

Where Jack discovered the water for the distillery
Ron & Jack at the "water" for the distillery
One of the 7 floor barrel warehouses
Jack Daniels - Not a very tall man, only about 5'2"
Another side trip was to the National Corvette Museum & the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green KY.  We went to the Assembly Plant first.  Unlike the Toyota Plant, this was a walking tour, but like the other, very thorough.  It's always interesting to watch how people put these cars together; they make it look so easy, even though you know it's not!   One of the most interesting things I thought was that every car being made was already sold.  They started off showing us the colors, they always have about 10, with about 3 to 4 new ones each year.  One of the 2014 colors is a dark green that the guide said wasn't very popular, so they probably won't be keeping it - and, of course, it's the one that I liked the most!  Give that to me, in a convertible with a tan interior and top please!  Yum!

 Each car had a spec sheet attached because the "owner" has choices as to the extras he/she wants on it, so in essence, every car is "special ordered".  They can't make them fast enough to keep up with the demand...pretty cool, I think.  How many other American companies would like to be able to make that claim?  Good for them!
How many manufacturing companies can say that?

From there we went across the street to the museum.  Owners can pick their new cars up from here if they wish, and while we were there, one did!  Vroom, Vroom!  Away he drove!

Louis Chevrolet, founder's 1953 Polo White
This is where the sinkhole happened in February this year, where 8 cars fell in and were crushed.  Very sad.  One of the cars was a 1.5 million dollar car donated just weeks before the tragedy.  The museum itself is beautiful, and has a great deal of cars and memorabilia to enjoy.   On the "up side", the sinkhole has brought a lot more visitors to the museum, so that means more income, which helps them to off-set the repairs (beyond what the insurance doesn't pay) and help support the museum!  The docent said they immediately had tests done to make sure there were no further sink holes in or around them (nor across the street at the assembly plant)!  Thank goodness!

...kicking back in Nashville,  Marie

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