Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lakeside living...

One of my sons lives in Texas, and up until now has been renting a home in Plano, just outside of Dallas.  For years he's had a dream of owning a home that over looks a lake.  He's always been a "water baby", swimming, all kinds of fishing, boating...if it involves water, he loves it!  So, having a home next to the water, one filled with fish, was bound to be in his future..."some day".   As we all know, homes "along the water" don't come cheap, so one's "dream home" usually takes awhile, and a lot of hard work.

Well, that "long while, and hard work" has finally paid off, and this past week my son's dream finally came true!  We arrived just in time to help him and his young family move into his wonderful new (to them) lake home! This lovely home sits right beside Lake Lavon in Princeton Texas with their back yard going right down to the water's edge.

Each evening we all sit outside on their patio and just take in that beautiful view, smiling at how wonderful it is and talking about all the plans they already have.  An added bonus (for us) is that he has enough land around the house that we can park our RV on the property too!

It was so fun the first weekend.  We had gotten a storm the night before, which left some nice puddles out on the front lawn.  The family came over to the RV to join us in the morning, and as we sat there talking, we saw out our window a mallard duck and it's mate come waddling up and make themselves comfortable in the puddles!  My young grandson and I had quite the joy watching the two of them just swimming around in his new front yard!  Later that morning, as we were all working in their kitchen, we watched as a handful of rabbits played in the side yard.

Each morning and evening we are serenaded by the frogs and birds.  Country nature at it's best!  Its truly wonderful here.

North American Cardinal
Every parent's wish is for their children to own their own home, hopefully the "home of their dreams".  With this last move, I can now rest that my three children are all now "in their own homes" happily paying mortgages", albeit all in different states, and in all different types of homes, but hey, they are all happy!  Yea!

Living the "RV lifestyle" certainly helps with "commuting" from west coast, central, and east coast just to see my three kids!

We couldn't leave Texas without one last "tornado watch!"  So, just a couple of days before we were to leave, sure enough, true to form, the weather folks told us to "button down and get ourselves ready, because it was coming our way!"  So, we did.  Pulled in the sides and moved the rig close into the house, and waited.  And waited.  Well, 'round about 9 O'clock the lightening and thunder started and then came the rain.  Well, that lasted on and off until about 4 am and then that was it!  Some wind, but not much.  Fine by me!
Next day, the sun came out as if there had never been a storm!  Gotta love Texas!

We've had a nice long visit here.  Helped some.  Enjoyed seeing my kid's dream come true, seeing my littlest grandson getting bigger, celebrated a couple of birthdays, and seen some new areas around Dallas we haven't seen before, so it must be time to leave.

As we leave them to get settled in (which we know will take "forever") we will finally leave this great state of Texas for now and head "our sweet home" to a new state for us, one we've not ventured into before...Arkansas!  I'm excited!

...on the road again,  Marie

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  1. I enjoy your posts. We spent last summer in Texas and Louisiana and we're constantly dodging weather events. Tornadoes in the San Antonio area, floods in DFW area, and a tropical storm on the coast (never want to ride out another in a motorhome). Can't wait to go back. Safe travels.