Thursday, September 28, 2017

Battle Mountain Nevada...

Traveling full-time like we do, we've discovered that every town, no matter how small, no matter where, has something to share.

Take for instance Battle Mountain Nevada, where we currently are...I would tell you that "it's in the middle of nowhere".  Wikipedia says it has a population of over 3600 people, but it sure doesn't look it.  It has one high school, one middle school, one casino, one very small hospital, no grocery store to speak of, an Ace Hardware store, a Dollar Store, 3 gas stations, a pretty nice RV park, a couple of small restaurants and one nice museum. Its primary economic base is gold mining.

We stayed a couple of nights here because the RV park was nice and inexpensive and we needed a driving break.  The weather was lovely today, as it has been, so decided to take a drive around town (that took about 10 minutes) to see if there was a grocery store (nope!) and what there was to see, and found this little museum...

Battle Mountain Cookhouse Museum is a sweet museum that shows off various displays of local, Native American and Chinese art and artifacts.  The main building housed everything from late 1800s & early 1900s displays of doctor's equipment to school desks, to rifles to telephones, to a baby measuring tool to typewriters.  A full kitchen was set up as well as a ladies dressing room.

Outside was a wonderful sheepherder's wagon, a tractor, a wooden wagon along with an old coke ad and milk bottling equipment and other old equipment.  The volunteer there said that they have several buildings full of more things that they just don't have the room to display them all and hope to build a Depot & Mining Museum onto the property as well.  They are raising funds now for that.

This town and museum is on the California Trail that went through Nevada, as well as Ely and several other towns we've run into in our travels along Highway 50.  Long history here. 

... on the road in Nevada,  Marie

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