Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Side trip to Waco!

As many times as we've come through Texas, we've never driven to Waco to "see and shop" the popular Magnolia Market owned by the HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.  Not that I haven't wanted to, mind just didn't work out in our plans.  This time, it did (sort of), so off we went for a quick visit!  I think Jack felt kind of sorry for me, actually, so made it happen.

We had tried to make it to the "First Monday Trade Days" in Canton the week before ...only to find out that what they really mean is "the Thures. through Sunday ONLY days BEFORE the first Monday" - NOT ON - first Monday (anymore).  We made the mistake of going on that Monday, only to find it empty...and that they "still use the name...but no longer have it on THAT DAY, just the days BEFORE IT!  Ugh.  Very disappointing, I must say (especially when you drive an hour and a half to get there).  It was awful seeing so many things just sitting on the side of the buildings, waiting for the next month, closed, and I couldn't get near them....;-(  So, when Jack offered to drive south to Waco, before heading north, I jumped right on it!  It's not the same as Canton, but I'll take it!  ;-)

Since we arrived in the afternoon, we decided to visit the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum as it would only take a couple of hours, and save Magnolia Market for the next day.  I was quite surprised at how large the museum actually was.  They really did quite a nice job, going back to it's beginnings, all the way to it's present day, and paying homage to all their heroes.

They explained all the various facets of the job too, from surveying to investigation.  They had quite a large collection of weapons, many of which were custom decorated.  They even had some that were the "standard" pistols that were in a display box for us to pick up so we would see how heavy they were (about 5 lbs each), and oh my goodness, I don't know how they did it, I could hardly pick it up, let alone aim and shoot it!  They carried that thing, pulled it out of a holster, then aimed it and fired it from a moving horse?  They were tough guys!

They told the story of how the FBI brought a Texas Ranger out of retirement to help track down Bonnie & Clyde and how he did it successfully, ambushing them on a back road.

They even had a cute section showing the various movie collections like The Lone Ranger.

The next morning we decided to start our day off by having breakfast at the Magnolia Table.  We had read that they served a lovely meal, but the wait could be long, so we were prepared.  From the very beginning, you get treated with "Southern charm".  They take your phone number and update you every 5 minutes as to how your wait is going.  The outdoor waiting area is nicely shaded and you can order coffees, etc.  "Hostesses" play Q & A games to make the time pass a little faster and walk around with menus and chat with people.  Our wait was about 45 min.  There is also a small gift shop inside you can go into as well (with more coffee & muffin options to purchase).

Once we were notified that our table was ready, we were whisked inside to our table.  They have private tables, community tables and bar stools.  We happen to get a private table for two.  Our wait, once we ordered was almost as long as our wait outside!  It wasn't the waitstaff, as there was plenty, with many just milling around, so it had to be the kitchen.  Once we got our meal though, all was good.  It was wonderful, and plentiful!

With very full bellies, we left there and drove over to the Magnolia Market at the Silos, which is about a 10 minute drive away.  The outside is actually much larger than the inside, which I was surprised.  I thought the shopping would actually be bigger, with more things to see.  It was very nice, don't get me wrong, plenty of pretty things, very "Joanna", but I guess I just thought it would be more rooms with larger "stuff"...

The outside is fabulous.  Lots of play areas for the kids and seating ares for them and their parents.  Picnic tables under the shade of the silos.  It's really quite lovely.  Their Seed and Supply Garden and Store is super cute and very "uncrowded", which I loved.

Once we were done there, we headed downtown to roam around.  We wandered into their "other" main shopping place called the Spice Village which was also fun and full of ideas.

We ended our day with Waco's local handmade ice cream place, Heritage Creamery.  Very yummy.

Now...we head north!  ;-)

...on the road to Oklahoma,  Marie

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