Saturday, June 29, 2019

Warming up in Wyoming....

After days and days of constant cold winds, from Colorado and Wyoming, we headed from Rock Springs to the town of Thermopolis Wyoming to the promise of natural Hot Springs!  One of the couples we met at the rally told us about a campground there, called Fountain of Youth, that had three natural hot springs right at the campground, so you didn't even have to go into town to them!  I loved that idea, so called and made a reservation before the rally was even over!  I was tired of being cold all the time, and ready to relax into warmth!

Thermopolis is the home of the "World's Largest Natural Hot Springs", and boy howdy, it is BIG!  Wow, I can sure say I've never seen one that big before in all our travels!  After we got settled in, we took a drive into town and walked all along the park, which was really quite pretty and quite large.  It has several pools that you can pay to go into with various types of slides and sizes to enjoy.   You could see that they had an abundant winter as an area was blocked off because the water line was higher than their terrace was!

They had a "Tepee Fountain" that was built in 1909 to vent steam from hot mineral water that was piped throughout the park.  As water flows over the structure, it cools and deposits layer upon layer of travertine.  This process is similar to the formation of terraces seen throughout the park.  The different colors seen on the fountain are various types of algae that grow in the hot mineral water.  It was really quite something to see.

Afterward, it was time to spend at "our" little bit of paradise...and it was!  The waters were GREAT!  They had three pools, each had a little different temperature.  I mostly stayed in the middle, then used the cooler one towards the end to cool off before heading home.  The weather here was also nicer.  Not as windy as it has been, which was a welcome relief.  Lovely, warm sunny days, yea!

We are only here a couple of days, then heading on to Buffalo for several days, hopefully to more sunshine...keep your fingers crossed for us!  ;-)

...on the road in Wyoming,  Marie

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