Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sun, Sand & Seashells = Beach Bliss!

Some days are just made to take slow, to enjoy and savor each moment. This day was one of those days. The sun was shining (and no, it doesn't every day in Florida!), the wind was light and the beach was nearby. I had read that the Sanibel Beach was "known" for it's beautiful beach, especially it's quantities of seashells. Sanibel Island also has a lighthouse, which made two great reasons for a day's visit in my book! So, off we went!

First things first, lighthouse pictures. Now I must say, I've seen a number of lighthouses in my time, all shapes and sizes, wood, metal and cement...but nothing like this one! Pipe! Pretty basic, I'd say. They sure weren't into "fancy"! Pure function.

That done, time to hit the beach! Oh, what a joy! Soft, soft sand, and oh so warm water! Having been living near the Pacific Ocean all my life, wading through the Gulf of Mexico water was pure heaven. Clear, clean, warm...and shells. Thousands and thousands of shells! It was like someone took buckets and poured them out onto the sand. I can't remember seeing that many shells since I was a small child...and that's what it made me feel like again, a child! So much fun, picking through them, selecting the unbroken ones, finding the ones with more color, or pure white, making sure I get plenty for each of my grandchildren. It was hard to stop!

We even got to watch an Osprey tend her nest nearby. Florida puts platforms out for them to build their nests on, it's really quite wonderful to see.

As usual, we ended the afternoon with a lovely meal, looking out at the sea, watching the boats sail is good.

If you wish to view the rest of the photos from this trip, you can at my Flickr account at:

...kicking back in Florida, Marie

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