Monday, January 2, 2012

Celebrating Christmas, Family Style...

Excitement was in the air! Having not seen each other in many months, new retirement and the holiday spirits all around made for a joyous reunion! My daughter had gone "all out" for my retirement celebration and bought me the most beautiful RED camera bag one could ever imagine! She added two sizes of custom camera straps along with new "personal cards" (no need for "business" cards any longer!) with an engraved card holder with Champagne Wishes and RV Dreams. Little did I know all this when I purchased my new DSLR in RED! Must be the "new me" coming through!

Days of playing with my beautiful, delightful, charming, wonderful (ok, I'll stop) grandson, shopping for the new laptop, cooking, cleaning up the mess in the rig...melted one into another. One stood out though, and that was the special night we went to the Nutcracker Ballet! My grandson LOVES that ballet! So much so,he's seen it several times, and thanks to his very talented mom, has a beautiful costume to wear that is a match for the real one! He wore it to the ballet and was "oh" and "ah" appropriately by all the other guests. He sat through the full long performance (which was the best I have ever seen!) and enjoyed every moment of it. He was as much fun to see as the show. What a wonderful evening it was!

Christmas came and we were finally able to give our little guy the "special trike" we have been holding onto for months! We saw this "Hot Rod" trike in a specialty store at home and just couldn't resist. Sleek black with flames, what boy could NOT want to ride such a thing? Grandpa had the fun of putting it together Christmas Eve, albeit he grumbled that they had made it to easy, having most of it already together in the box. Grandma worried that maybe he wouldn't really like it all that much, all the while his parents saying "are you kidding me?" But, to our joy, when he saw it the next morning, he had the full-on joy we had hoped for! He loved it! Yea!!

Soon it was New Year's eve and Alissa, another gal friend and I treated ourselves to a "ladies day". First stop, Starbucks, then off to Wong Ting Foot Massage for a full 90 minute glorious torture, only to be followed by the best dim sum at the Mayflower! Lovely way to greet the new year in my opinion!

Sunday, January 1st, Marie

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