Thursday, January 12, 2012

There's a lot to see in Pahrump!

Who would have thought that the tiny desert town with the funny name would have so much to see and do? Not us, that's for sure! But Kay's keeping us busy, guiding us all around! Would you believe that a brothel gives tours? They do!! Well, at least "Sheri's Ranch" does! What a hoot! It's quite a place too! ...of course we went to see it, do you think we'd pass up a deal like that? They show you the "main salon", the "sports room", the "bubbles room", and even the "naughty room"! Better bring your wallet though, 'cause it isn't cheap guys! ;-)

From there we went to a really great local winery, Sander's Family Winery. Their wines were really good and priced very modestly I thought too. Very nice owner; we had a great time with him, as we were the only customers so we got all the attention. Fun.
We then toured another unique place, the Ron Fellows Corvette Driving School. It's where Corvette owners can come and learn how to drive their cars; along with Radical Racing School; Lotus Performance Driving School. We got to see about a dozen drivers having fun on the 3.5 mile course. Pretty impressive place, I must say!

The nights have been v e r y cold, but the days have been quite nice. Kay's got all sorts of things planned for us for the next couple of days. Once a tour guide, always a tour guide! ;-)

...kicking back in Nevada, Marie

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