Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Traveling down the highway...

The desert can be many things to many people, at many times too, I guess. Driving to Pahrump NV, it's just plain pretty. The changing terrain from flat with scrub brush to the beautiful mountains behind it, then white "mounds of something" popping up here and there, then different striations showing up on "those mountains", just leave a body in wonder at it all! It's actually more fun, I think, not knowing what all of the markings and mounds are, because the mystery is half the fun. Knowing it's some sort of basic geology or chemical effect would just be a mundane fact. This way we can go "oh wow, would you look at that! Isn't that something?" ;-) So, for all you non-scientists, enjoy these taken en route to Pahrump on CA 178...and for you scientist types, have fun naming the reasons they look the way they do!

...on the road to Nevada, Marie

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