Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time to say goodbye...

Time to say goodbye to Nevada and to our friends, for now... Both have shown us a great time, and left us with wonderful memories that we will cherish for a very long time!

One of the things you realize when you are "on the road", knowing that you are not going to be seeing your friends for awhile, is how very precious each one is. I think we take our friends for granted most of the time; believing that they are "always there" so we can put off that call, or visit until a "more convenient time"...but is there really one? Sometimes not...and then the time is lost, and perhaps the friendship. A lesson, I fear, I've learned the hard way, as I found when we reached Phoenix (more about that later).

Although our time together was short, it sure was fun! Aside from the "tourist-type" stuff, hours were spent just talking, drinking wine, sharing stories, laughing, cooking together and enjoying the company of old and new friends. Working full time with the addition of the long commute, had changed our lives so much that I had gotten out of the habit of really cooking anything that took longer than a few minutes, and when we got together with friends, we almost always went out. Being with 6 others, who all chimed in that they "didn't cook, but would help" made making dinner again, fun! Meals I hadn't made in a long time; simple, everyday fare, made special because of the people, the laughter and the joy of sharing. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed that.
Even tho it's just the two of us again, back in the tiny rv kitchen, the freedom of "having all the time in the world" to cook (or not) is like a new found joy.

As we left Pahrump, and headed in to Lake Havasu, and as usual, the Arizona sunset greeted us...

...on the road in Arizona, Marie

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