Wednesday, February 29, 2012

C'est en Louisiane que mon coeur chante...

I am aware every day how blessed we are to be on this adventure and what great things we are experiencing. Spirit has led us to "the right place at the right time" again and again. This time was the best, so far. (I say so far, because I never know with Spirit what's next!)

As most people know, I love music. But what only a few know, is that both Jack and I, really like Cajun music.

When we had stopped at the Louisiana Visitor's Center and talked with that very nice lady, she casually mentioned that since we were staying at a place not far from Scott, we might want to pop into their visitor center on Friday, as they have a local musician's jam session then.

So, after our full day of sightseeing, we decided to check out this center and see what she was talking about, maybe it would be worth sitting in on for awhile...

La Maison de Begnaud, City of Scott's Heritage Visitors Center is run by a warm, wonderful woman named "Mama" Reddell Miller (Tourism Coordinator). She greeted us and said "yes, they do have a jam session on Fridays, that the musicians usually start showing up around 6pm and things get started around 6:30". It was about 5:30; we decided to stay and see what it was like. We then met Lucy, who is college student from Canada doing her doctorate on the Cajun culture. She was not only delightful, but filled us in on all kinds of wonderful tidbits surrounding the Mardi Gras traditions that just had taken place, etc.

By 6:30 things were in full swing. Tables were moved out, chairs set up and musicians were arriving and getting their instruments ready. At any given time during the night, there were more than 20 players, with only a very few of us "non-players" in the room. They ranged in age from about 10 years to 90, playing fiddle, guitar, Cajun accordion, triangle, spoons and wonderful, wonderful music all through the night. Toes were tapping, hands were clapping, the place was alive with their energy! Several of the young boys, ages 14 & 15 were self taught, playing tough instruments, superbly and with great joy. It was so wonderful to see these people of all ages, mixing together, keeping their music culture alive, willingly. One of the parents told us his son goes to several of these jam sessions a week!

I never understood a word they sang, but my heart sang with every beat of their music...

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...kicking back in Louisiana, Marie

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