Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wild West Remembered...

So far, we've really lucked out in our timing, and this visit was another example. Arizona is celebrating it's 100th Birthday this year (on Feb. 14th actually) and Tombstone chose this weekend to celebrate by having live gun fights, music and a number of people roam around in their late 1800's finery! The weather was perfect (a little windy, but not to bad) and the crowds not to big. What we thought would be a "couple hours visit" turned into a full enjoyable day!

We leisurely walked the town, in and out of the shops, watched the gun fights and the saloon antics, listened to the western music, ate at Big Nose Kate's Saloon (pretty good too), visited the Earp brothers' house, watched a bride & groom take photos at the Courthouse where they just got married, saw where the longest continuing newspaper printing (the Epitaph) and ended it all with a visit to the famous Boothill Graveyard on the way out! Phew, what a day!

They had tours that you could purchase - stagecoach tours, to see the old Bird Cage Theatre or to see the OK Corral reenactment, but we really didn't see any need to add them to our day, it was full enough without them, or the additional $10 each, cost. The town itself had plenty enough to see on it's own.

If you wish to view the rest of the photos from this trip, you can at my Flickr account at:

...kicking back in Arizona, Marie

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  1. Hi Marie!
    What fun you are having! I'm so envious!! A few years ago, we spent a rolicking night and day at Tombstone with some friends. Your pictures brought it all back!
    Miss you!