Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's just pizza!

First night we arrived in San Antonio it was raining. By the time we got settled in, it was to late to do much but eat dinner...

Before leaving on our adventure, we made notes on places to visit. Places people told us about and places we saw on tv or read about. One such place was "Big Lou's Pizza". It was showcased on the Travel Channel on Man vs Food. When we saw that it was in San Antonio, we added it to our list!

Sooo, back to our first night in San Antonio...we looked up Big Lou's Pizza and low and behold it was just down the street from where we were staying! So, off we went!

...and so did everyone else! Their very large parking lot was full, along with the side streets, but as Jack dropped me off, he saw a spot opening up. I dashed inside, only to find a hallway full of people standing in a long line! I jumped in the line (not knowing what for) then asked what was going on? "How it's done" was explained to me (wait, order, wait, etc)

It seems that this place is "popular"! It was before the tv show, and went even crazier after the tv show! People wait for hours to get a table, and feel it's worth it. Because we were "only two people" (seems mostly groups go there) we were actually seated rather quickly (about 45 min) - seated, mind you, not served.

The place is huge, several rooms with two bars. Signs fill the walls, mostly neon beer, but almost any will do, it seemed, as long as it covered the wall. We watched as the pizzas came out, most were for the "large". These are 4' (yes, 4 feet) across! They filled the whole table. No one has to reach for a slice, but it took two hands to hold onto the slice once you got it!

Well, two glasses of wine, and some time later, our pizza finally arrived. Now, I'm a "veggie" pizza person, so it's always fun for me to see what veggies the restaurant chooses to uses. The standard is bell peppers, black olives, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. Extra points in my book if they add artichoke hearts or anything additional. They added green olives. Jack just goes for plain cheese.

It was just pizza. Nothing special. We kept waiting for the "wow", but it was just pizza. Oh well, it was quite entertaining and now we can say that we've eaten at a place that the tv show talked about! ;-)

...kicking back in Texas, Marie

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