Friday, February 24, 2012

Goodbye Texas, hello Louisiana!

Finally we leave Texas! Phew! That's one BIG state!! ;-) Our last night was in Beaumont. Didn't do much but spend the night, but we did make one small stop before we the "largest fire hydrant"!! (You know we've just got to go see that sort of thing!) It's at the Fire Museum of Texas. It's 24 feet tall, and what a beauty it was too! Couldn't resist getting out and "posing" with it! ha ha Snapped one of Jack with the more somber Texas Firefighter Memorial. Then we hopped back in our rig and took off for Louisiana!

Skies were gray and windy, but my "trusty driver" pushed on, undaunted! We sure spotted a number of rice fields along the way. I didn't know that was such a commodity around here, but quickly learned that it sure is. Guess they put all their water to good use!

As soon as we entered LA, we stopped at their Visitor's Center to find out what we should see in the very short time we would have here (this trip). Very nice ladies there (and really good coffee!). It was decided that we would spend the rest of this day seeing Breaux Bridge, where we were staying, then all the next day seeing Avery Island where Tabasco is made, and Vermilionville which is a Cajun/Creole Heritage & Folklife Park.

So, off we went, with brochures in hand, to find our RV Park and get settled in, so we could go "sightseeing"!

...and went...and went...and went. Two phone calls, three maps and two very frustrated people, just about ready to "find another park" finally found the park! Ugh. This was definitely one of those times that GPS didn't help, and in fact, actually hindered the situation. Don't ask me how, but it did, that's all I know. Maybe the swamps confused it, who knows, but after an hour plus, we were about ready to throw it out the window. Oh well, you get the picture...

Once we settled in, we took the Toyota into town (brave, huh?) wandered around (all the shops were decorated so nice for Mardi Gras) and found a lovely French Cajun restaurant Cafe des Amis. Wonderful food and a much appreciated glass of good wine, and all was well with the world once again...

If you wish to view the rest of the photos from this trip, you can at my Flickr account at:

...kicking back in Louisiana, Marie

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