Thursday, October 24, 2019

Family Time

Back in Washington...It's always good to be back in the US and to see family again.  Canada is a beautiful Country, but it's good to "be home".  (As we were leaving Canada, we did pass through a town with a few more murals I couldn't help capture though!)

We first camped a couple of days in eastern Washington and noticed that Ellensburg had Barn Quilts noted in the area, so one day Jack and I took a drive and photographed a few of them.  Many of the barns themselves here quite old (and lovely!)  The brochure that the Visitor Center gives out has a nice little history about each place along with a map, which is really nice.

My niece has a great spot right beside her home with full hookups that she always makes room for us to park our rig.  So nice.  We lucked out too on the weather and the sun shone for us the whole ten days we were there!  A record for us!  It sure made the time fly.

While we were there, Jack and I celebrated our twenty-third wedding anniversary.  One of my nephews gave me the idea to surprise Jack with a special evening at a dinner show called Teatro Zinzanni -"Decadent Delight" .  He has gone several times, taking my sister, his wife, his son and is planning on taking his daughter for her thirtieth birthday.  It sounded like just the ticket, so I made the reservations and told Jack "just be ready by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday".

What a fun night we had!  It's a little bit cabaret, a little circus, a little comedy, a dinner show, a little magic, all wrapped up in three plus hours!  Wonderful entertainment and  good food.  Jack loved it and complimented me on my choice.  I told him next year he had to choose!

We also caught the Washington State Fair while we were there.  That was fun too.  Being from San Diego, we've enjoyed the Del Mar Fair for years as one of the largest and best we've been to across the US.  This one comes in close.  The one thing I was disappointed in though was that it didn't have a big garden section!  That's the one thing I always loved  about the Del Mar Fair.  But as my niece explained..."Aunt Marie, we don't have a growing season here like San Diego, so no reason to showcase flowers and lawns!"  Guess not...oh well.  They had lots of farm equipment though!

Well, lots of laughter, long chats, wonderful meals and hugs, it was time to say our good byes and head on down the road once again.

Catching up in Arizona, Marie

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