Friday, October 18, 2019

Rocky Mountain High Canadian Style…

Since we had already visited Baniff and Lake Louise in previous years, and it’s the most congested areas during the summer, we decided not to go through there this time around.  Our friends showed us another route that would take us straight through to Jasper without all the traffic and congestion of Baniff National Park, and still enjoying the Rocky Mountains - yea!

…and it worked wonderfully!  What a beautiful drive.  The weather was wonderful and the view, spectacular!  At every turn, each of us kept say, “wow, look at that!”  You would think neither one of us hadn’t seen mountains or lakes before, but because of the glacier melts, the colors of the water in the lakes are more teal than blue, the waterfalls seem more rushing, and maybe because of the elevation, or the fact that the fire or bugs haven’t destroyed the forests yet, they seemed more lush.  I don’t know, I just know it took our breath away. 

That first drive through, to get to our campground in Valemount, we could see the Columbia Ice Fields, but didn’t really stop, as we wanted to get settled, and we had the RV, so not a lot of space to pull over.  But even at a distance, they were impressive…we were so glad we had booked ourselves into four days to come back and really take our time here.

Here are some of the shots from that drive through...

...catching up in Arizona,  Marie

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